10 minutes to design your healthy weight loss program

Successfully managing your weight can be drawn from a simple equation: if you eat more calories than you burn, you gain weight, and vice versa. It sounds simple, isn’t it? Losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way requires your strong will, patience and commitment. In reality, shedding some pounds from your body can be tough, however, maintaining a healthy weight is even tougher. The roots of this issue stem from some obstacles that hamper your weight loss routine and leave you in despair. Do you want a effective healthy weight loss ? If yes, you can read article below, it will help you clarify the issue.

Common pitfalls


Stay up so late

One recent study found that sleep deprivation can make you consume a whopping 500 extra calories a day. Sleeping less than five or six hours a night slows down your metabolism and makes some changes to your hormones that may hurt your weight loss efforts. As you need to log time at the gym, you also need to log time in your bed.

Exercise too much

Albeit exercise is vital in your weight loss process, being too focus on it can backfire. People usually think that if they exercise, they will magically lose weight, and when it comes to the result, they get frustrated. In fact, statistics shown that dieters spend 80 percent of dieting time and energy on nutrition and the remaining 20 percent on exercise. Instead of exercising 6 times a week, you should halve it and spend more hours focusing on planning your meals.

Skip breakfast

Skipping meals in your diet is a wrong, especially when you do not take time enjoying your breakfast. There are lots of evidence that people eating breakfast tend to have healthier weights and energy for the rest of the day. So, start your day by making your time for this morning meal. Whole grain cereal is one of the best choices for your morning. It is nutritious, quick and effortless to make. Then, there goes the excuse about not having time before work.

Eat emotionally

Are you grabbing a snack while watching TV? Do you eat when you are stressed, bored or lonely? All too often, foods are turned out to be a means of comfort and stress relief. Right now, you have to find different ways to release yourself instead of reaching for food.

When you have bad temper, try to do meditation or yoga, or just simply soak in a hot bath. Other people choose to listen to energizing music or take a snap. To deal with boredom, you can reach out to your friends instead of the fridge. Call someone who makes you laugh, take your dog for a walk or go out to the public.

Speed up too fast

Losing weight is a long term goal, then there is no need to be in a hurry. Extreme diet can promise a rapid result. However, this is more likely to leave you feeling starving, not to mention this can have negative effects to your health.

Don’t record your calories

Daily food journal is a great tool to follow what you have consumed. Simply writing down what you put in your mouth every day makes you more accountable to your calorie intake. Failing to take note what you eat creates a messy thought of your food. In case you have a plan, you also need to write things down in the end of the day because you sometimes get off your tract, right?

Don’t drink enough water

No one can deny the beneficial role of water in sustaining our body. Drinking water helps you manage your appetite and keeps you feel full for a long time. If you drink 2 glasses of water before eating, you will consume up to 90 fewer calories. Lacking water leads to the degradation of both mental and physical health, not to mention the strong impact on your metabolic system by slowing its operation down.

Ways to perform healthy weight loss program


Making smarter choice every day

Diet can be boring as things must be done repeatedly for a couple of months. You eat the same boring food, working out in the same gym and suffer from daily hunger. Change your mind a little bit by imagine diet is a journey, in which you can try new and fresh food and engage yourself into physical activities. Try to make your meals varied, find some friends who hit on the same targets and  do not hesitate to do things different every day.

Adopting healthy lifestyle changes

Start to clean your fridge and isolate all foods that make you fatter. Loading your shopping cart with vegetables, lean protein, fruit and whole grain. Drink enough water every day to boost your metabolism. If you are a newbie in exercising, take up a sport game that you enjoy, then put the full stop to your sedentary lifestyle. Do not skip meal, especially breakfast, otherwise you will suffer from great hunger, which makes you eat more than you have ever imagined. You should bear in mind that weight loss is a permanent lifestyle change in your eating and living habit.

Developing new eating habits

From now on, you should eat more mindfully. Turning off the TV and other distractors, slowing down your chewing speed and savoring your food. By doing this, you can enjoy more, feel the real taste of your food. You also need to have a light meal every 3 hours to make up for the energy you have lost. The number of meals shouldn’t be over 5.

Planning is the secret to lose weight successfully. By thinking about meals and snacks, you can spread the number of healthy food over interesting meals and also avoid spontaneous eating of extra serves or discretionary foods. 

Maintaining a healthy weight is extremely important. It helps you lower your risk for developing any health problems including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, gallstone, and even cancer. Moreover, you then feel good and have more energy to enjoy life.

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