10 tips and tricks shooting amazing video with GoPro Hero 5 Black

Owning an action camera like the GoPro HERO 5 Black is a great asset (other best action cameras review you can read at It can help you capture those great moments when outdoor playing or having fun with friends. You can get excellent photos or video with your action camera just like a pro with a few tips. Having the GoPro HERO 5 assures you of high-quality photos and videos but does not mean you will always have the best. You need to learn a few tips and tricks to get pros results. Tips and tricks to get the best shots from your GoPro HERO 5 Black action camera:

Get a GoPro accessory kit

Buying a GoPro HERO 5 Black accessory kit will be the first step in getting high-quality images. The GoPro accessory kits are not that expensive, and one can get the kit for around $30. The kit gives you everything you need to take great photos and videos. After spending a fortune buying your GoPro action camera, the GoPro accessory should not be a problem. You get accessories like head strap, bike mount, selfie stick, chest strap and much more. I will show you in a short why you need the kit.

Try new angles

Getting the accessory kit gives you the freedom to shoot images and take videos from different angles. Some of the best action camera shots are those filmed from very unusual angles. If you’re riding or cycling, change the position of the camera to get different angles as you shoot. Give your viewer something they can’t see with their own eyes. You can even have the camera on the ramp facing upwards. The configuration of the framework and the lighting factors all play a role in getting the best shots. So, try different angles perfect sense if you want some of the best shots.

Read and understand the settings

You must play around with the GoPro HERO 5 Black settings to better understand how your camera works. Go through the manual and familiarize yourself with what the camera can do. Your GoPro camera has two resolution settings of 720p, 1080p. You can change the resolution to better suit what you’re recording. Settings allow you to change several features about your camera and get it working the way you want it. You can even disable the red blinking lights that can sometimes get annoying.

Point your subject or person in the middle

This is a weird tip but will prove very effective once you are in the field shooting. If it is a person and you want to capture their whole body from head to toe, point the camera to their stomach. Getting the whole body of what you want to capture can be pretty hard for some people. Pointing the GoPro at the subject’s stomach gives you a whole image from head to toe well centered. Most people tend to point the GoPro to the person’s face but that in most cases results in the camera capturing the face and the sky above them. The GoPro uses the wide angle lens that will capture the surrounding of where the camera is pointed. Pointing it to the center of your subject will capture the whole image without leaving a single part out.

Prevent water streaks by spitting on the lens

This is another weird tip but one that does miracles when capturing images underwater or in a rainy condition. With the case on, spit on your GoPro lens and then smoothly wipe it off. This is basically science. The saliva creates an invisible film on the lens preventing any water drops from creating a streak on the camera lens. Water landing on the GoPro lens will simply slide over. Most blurred images under water occur when water creates streaks on the camera. This is one tip you might not find in the manual but will surely come in handy.

Test different places to mount the camera

Don’t just go placing the camera on your helmet just because everyone mounts there. Try different positions of mounting the camera to come up with different angles of view. Different angles tell different stories of the action taking place. When you place the camera on the helmet, you capture events taking place in front of you. However, when you mount the camera the bike to face the back, you will be able to capture what the riders behind you are doing. It is like getting two different views at the same time.

Connect a microphone to your GoPro for better audio

All GoPro cameras come with in-built microphones to record any audio, but this does not mean you cannot enhance your audio. The GoPro Black HERO 5 Black inbuilt microphone might not be the best on its own. You can get an external microphone and connect with your HERO for enhanced audios. The kit I asked you to buy earlier comes with some of the microphones that you might need to connect to your GoPro.

Tighten your mounts properly using a special wrench

You need your GoPro properly tightened especially if there is going to be a lot of movement which is the case with most action cameras. The bumps and rough movement on the road especially if you’re riding a bike will distort the images. There are special wrenches that can be used to properly tighten the mounts. These special wrenches can be found in most kits, but GoPro has its special wrench that can be bought for less than ten dollars.

Use filters to improve video quality

Filters have been used for a long time by professional photographers to improve the quality of their videos. This is the case, especially when filming underwater or in bright environments. The filters create a slower shutter speed that prevents the footage from looking too jarred. There are hundreds of filters to choose from in the market. Make sure you buy a filter that suits the kind of videos you want.

Try and edit your video

All videos no matter how stunning they look to need some little editing to clear errors. Editing your videos is the final chapter in getting interesting videos out of your HERO 5. Editing will clear faults and leave your video looking great. Make it exciting, and you might have a trending video from your HERO soon.


GoPro HERO 5 Black is one of the best action cameras on the market to give you stunning images and videos when in action. However, you must try to incorporate the tips and tricks above to create even better images and videos. The different image and video quality you see from the same GoPro HERO 5 Black action camera are from the expertise of the person behind the camera. Hopefully, you’ve got some help and will be making great videos and images from your GoPro HERO 5 Black soon.