1000 calories diet

Diet, for most people, is a type of daily specter when they look at their outlook in the mirror. This is also the principle reason that people seek for a quick diet plan to lose plenty of weight in a short period of time. However, restricted diet, which is used as a means of cutting off weight, turns out to be a wrong way when dieters are short of essential nutrients. In reality, the decision of losing weight should be based on these criteria: age, height, gender, and daily activity level.

When it comes to foods, it is advisable to look back and think about the things you absorb every day. The combination of food, in general, includes carbs, fibers, proteins, fat, etc. They create energy to maintain your body functions of daily activities. However, no balanced eating habit can easily increase your waistline and  even lead to other diseases.

1000 calories diet requires great attention to nutrition and of course there is no room for discretionary calories in added sugars, processed foods, alcohol or energy drinks. These substances are also sources of creating energy for your body. However, you should limit them as much as possible in order to lose weight faster. Now start cleaning your fridge if you find these things being stored.

According to Jaison Clements – the developer of the Renowned Natural approach to Explosive weight loss – there is a 5-step system that can help you create a scientific diet program. You can not only lose weight but also maintain a healthy body.  Instead of eating 3 main big meals per day, you are advised to eat 5 smaller meals that spread from 2.5 to 3 hours apart. Glancing at the menu of a gymnastic and you will find the same method: dividing meals from 3 into 5 smaller one (not to mention the calories in this case). By doing so, your body will be continuously replenished with calories and energy to avoid fatigue or body collapse.


This method requires a consistency if you are longing for a good shape. Adhere to this menu for a week and prepare for a massive result in your body and mind. Here are the 5 sample meals in your diet program:

Meal 1:

  • ground turkey (4 ounces)  – 193 cals                                 
  • Long grain brown rice (1/2 cup) – 108 cals

Meal 2:

  • Golden delicious apple – 82 cals ( this is the best food for burning fat )

Meal 3:

  • Chicken breast ( 4 ounces) – 115 cals
  • Wheat pita ( 1 medium) – 60 cals
  • Extra virgin olive oil – 120 cals

Meal 4:

  • Spinach salad ( 2 cups) – 14 cals
  • Extra virgin olive oil – 120 cals

Meal 5:

  • Chicken breast ( 4 ounces) – 115 cals
  • Cooked broccoli ( 1 large stack) – 98 cals

This is just a sample menu and similar item of calories can be changed together to diversify your weekly meals. It is good to have your recipe advised by a doctor, otherwise try to look up for more types of food that are good for you and your weight loss process.

After designing your suitable recipe, stick to it strictly. Here are other things:

+ You have to notice when to consume more carbs. Remember to eat starchy during your most active hours (in the morning and early afternoon) when more energy must be generated.

+ Have you ever grazed before? If not, give it a try. Scientists proved that continuous state of digestion makes people burn more fat at the same time.

Common mistakes of a 1000 calories diet program


Deficiency in nutrition

You should also notice that in adequate nutrition can make people feel fatigue and be vulnerable to injury. For that reason, we tend to be more vulnerable to cravings and destroy the whole effort with a piece of chocolate and a can of soda. As mentioned above, sugar, fat and sweeten things are not the right food for you, no matter how much calories they may have.

Have a note book that records everything you consume every day, including their quantity and calories. This will enable you to follow your calories intake and avoid over eating.

If you have a headache or any signs of health malfunction, stop eating and see a doctor as soon as possible.

Skip the meals

Skipping meals is not a wise choice since you have to face an extreme hunger in the next hours. Ensure to provide your body enough energy and commit to enjoy 5 separated meals every day.

Not drink enough water

If you fail to drink at least 2 litters of water per day, you immune system will be badly affected, not to mention these cases, namely, hair loss, dry skin, depression. Moreover, lacking water hampers your metabolism by slowing down its operation. Thus, make sure you drink a lot of water on this diet.

Be lazy of exercise

Doing exercise in this period helps you maintain your weight more effectively. Be prepared for the fact that you can easily regain weight after you have finished your diet. Exercise, in this case, benefits your health significantly during weight loss, reduces the risks of chronic diseases, lowers body fat and improve muscle formation.

Living sedentarily on protein with binges of carbs and fats, dieters are likely to see a weight gain right away. Then, here is your new mantra for morning ritual “I cannot live exercise”. If you are a newbie of running, try to run at a snail pace.

It is true that 1000 calories diet is such a low number for your daily activities. This is a battle of balance between you put into your body and the energy that you use. You may consume more than a thousand calories a day, then do some workouts to burn your extra calories. A healthy body with 1000 calories diet is the result of changing eating habits and building more physical activities in your daily life.

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