5 Common weight loss drinks

Are you overweight and tired of digging into a hard time of losing weight? In fact, taking out some kilos out of your body is not a real nightmare only if you think this is a long-time journey. It is the time when you have to try some foods that, for a long time, has not attracted your taste at all. Or you have to get up early in the morning to sweat in the Gym or jog around your neighborhood when others are still in bed. You are on the right track in terms of eating and exercising. How about your solid intakes?

This article aims at listing out healthy and simple drinks which are super for your health, not only in your losing-weight period but also in your family’s daily meals. A small tip here is to replace sweetened drinks with the following drinks will enhance your weight loss process dramatically. Let’s call them: the weight loss drinks!

Green Tea


Green tea, more than simply a hot and flavored water, is believed to be the healthiest weight loss drink in the world thanks to antioxidants and various beneficial substances: caffeine and EGCG.

Green tea contains caffeine (24-40 mg in one cup) which push your fat burning metabolism by 4%. Caffeine is a stimulant that aids to burn fat and improves exercise performance. You are given more energy that makes you work-out longer and harder.

People found the substance called EGCG that plays role in boosting metabolism, inhibiting an enzyme that breaks down and decreases the hormone norepinephrine. This hormone is a signal to fat cells and makes then to burn. The result is that fat cells break down faster and are released into the bloodstream and finally become available for the use as energy.

Vegetable Juice


Green juices are supplementary to your diet as a glass of tomato juice, for instance, provides calories and good substances in order to maintain your health. With many people, it is easy to get confused and misinformed by others about the benefit of these natural drink. Researches showed that they do not put more weight on you. On the contrary, vegetable juice provides more vitamins and energy for dieters.

The reason that makes you love vegetable juice does not limit to lose weight. It is mainly because juicing makes you so good. Weight loss is just a bonus result. For many people, start making friends with vegetable juices regularly means they stop craving junk foods. As a result, people get into a natural habit and eliminate the processed sugar beverages.

This drink is a supplement, not totally replace all meals you have. Before going on a long-term diet, consult your doctor and do some online research for the most suitable vegetable juice for you. If you simply integrate green juicing into your diet, you are about to shed some extra pounds since juices enhances your digestion and eliminates accumulated waste. This can be achieved by adding a handful of greens such as spinach, celery, cucumber or kale which are extremely low in sugar.

Fat Free Milk


Drinking non-fat milk helps us enhance fat loss thanks to the vitamin D and calcium that contains. According to the U.S Department of Agriculture, 1 cup of fat free milk provide only 83 calories whereas the same portion of whole milk gives you 149 calories. Just do some simple calculations to find the conclusion of how much calories can you save every day just by replacing whole milk (or reduced fat milk) with no fat milk.

One the one hand, drinking nonfat milk provides essential nutrients. On the other hand, drinking too much of it may lead to the exceed of your daily calories and gain weight. It is recommended that having 3 cups of nonfat milk per day is good for a 2,000-calorie diet. Moderation is the best, then take in a limited amount of milk every day, the quench your thirst with this number 4 drink below.



Remember that a cup of water before meals makes you eat less and lose weight faster. It curbs your appetite as your thinking of being thirsty tricks you into the state of hunger. Moreover, water boosts your metabolism and sheds water weight. It is advisable to drink at least 2 liters of water every day (or 8 – 10 glasses in order words). This task seems to be so difficult as it is so tiny that people tend to neglect.You should drink water throughout the day, not too much at a time. By doing this, you will feel full without sipping any high-calorie beverages.



Making the right smoothies for yourself does not put any weight on your body. However, there are still pitfalls that people have to face at times. Overcome these 4 common mistakes and start preparing your fit-to-diet smoothies.

1. There is not enough fiber

Try to get at least 10 grams of fiber in your smoothies by combining moderately these fiber-rich foods such as berries, kale, avocado, kiwi, beans, chia seeds, etc. fruits, of course, offer ingredients only if you pick the right ones.

2. There is a shortage of protein

Smoothies does not contain the protein you need to sustain your energy throughout the day. In order to resist the temptation of high-calorie snacks, add some flavor to make your smoothie more tasty and increase the protein ( at least 10 grams per smoothie). Here are some good source: milk, yogurt, cheese, protein powder, nuts, nut butter, etc.

3. There are extra sweeteners

One spoon of honey or maple syrup will add over 60 extra calories. You, for sure, do not need these  if your smoothie is naturally sweet enough. Avoid these sugar and start using plain yogurt and unsweetened soy milk instead.

Replace sweetened drinks with water is a great start of losing weight. Instead of drinking soda, alcoholic beverages, or other high-calorie drinks, grab a glass or bottle of water or any weight loss drinks mentioned above.

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