A step by step guide on the best quadcopter kit

There are various ways that you can build your own quadcopter but first you have to make sure that you invest in the quadcopter kit. Building your own quadcopter from a best quadcopter kit is an interesting pursuit that you can turn into a hobby.

However, it requires some patience and it is better to make slow progress than to be in a haste to finish. You will end up being discouraged if you try too hard to complete the task in no time. You may even end up exhausting the tools in your quadcopter kit. Remember the quadcopter kit will cost you some substantial amount of investment.

For beginners, you can make your pursuit more interesting by beginning with a small quadcopter using an all inclusive kit or a Ready to Fly. Do not rush into trying to build a point of view quadcopter before you grasp the basics of just building a decent quadcopter. You may be armed with the quadcopter kit but any haste will lead you to exhaust the components in your quadcopter without any meaningful return.

The following is a step by step guide on getting the best quadcopter kit. The items that have been included in this quadcopter kit guide are low cost based on the fact that you are most likely to crash your quadcopter a lot especially if you are a beginner. The following guide consists of a list that of interchangeable parts for most common RC in a quadcopter kit.


– The Hobbyking Quadcopter Frame X525 V3

At a price of about $14 in most stores, you can get a good frame for your quadcopter. The Hobbyking frame is a tested frame that has been tried on various multirotors. It comes with fiberglass center plates and aluminium square tube arms. The frame holds very well making it easier to store or transport.

For beginners, this is a must have in your quadcopter kit since it is cheap making sure that you can easily afford it if you crash a lot. The part that gets damaged a lot during crashes when using this frame are the aluminum arms and you should therefore make a point of buying some extras. It is one of the most convenient frames for a best quadcopter kit.

– The Hobbyking Q450 frame

This is also another great frame for a best quadcopter kit since it is lighter than the X525 V3 frame. However, the arms have some flex that making it easier to break especially during a rough landing. Unlike the X525 V3, most stores tend to have no spare arms and it would be wise to buy a spare frame if you decide to have this frame for your quadcopter.

It is a slightly cheaper option making it a favorite for your quadcopter especially if you are looking to build a lighter quadcopter.


The motors that you will include in your quadcopter will have a cost of about $57.

– The NEEWER® X2212-9 1400KV

The NEEWER® X2212-9 1400KV are great motors to have in your quadcopter especially if you are building a smaller quadcopter. They have a great build quality that gives them smooth flights. They should be paired with 8×4 propellers and a 20 amperes speed controller. Make sure you get four motors for your quadcopter.


The propellers are another important component of your quadcopter. They cost about $5.
They come in sets such as 2x Standard rotation/ 2 x reverse rotation (pusher) and 8×4 slowfly props. This set has 2 clockwise rotation props and 2 counterclockwise rotation props. You can buy a few extras to cater for crashes.

Speed Controllers

– The Turnigy Multistar Multi-rotor 30 Amp Brushless Speed Controller

This Speed controllers cost an average of $40. In the past, it was very hard to find affordable speed controllers for your quadcopter especially those that were specifically designed for multirotor helicopters.

However, specially designed multi-rotor speed controllers have been introduced to the market such as the Turnigy Multistar Multi-rotor 30 amp brushless speed controllers that are high quality and a must have in you quadcopter. Remember that you will need 4 speed controllers for each of the motors in your quadcopter.

Charger and Battery

– The Zippy Flightmax 2200mAh

Zippy Flightmax 2200mAh 3S1P 30C
List Price: $14.41
Price: $14.41
You Save: N/A

The Zippy batteries and charger offer very good battery life at an affordable price. For just $14, they are a fair deal for your quadcopter. You can pack an extra pair especially when you feel like you would not want the hassle of recharging in between flights. The Turnigy Nano-Tech charger is good for fast charging.

– The Turnigy 2-3S balance Charger (Direct 110/240 V Input)

There are various other chargers that are relatively more expensive and that can charge faster than the Turnigy Nano-Tech charger. However, the Turnigy Nano-Tech charger is a great charger at a great price making it best suited for your quadcopter especially for a beginner.

It also has a lot of good reviews making it a good fit for the Zippy batteries in your quadcopter. Since there is always the risk of discharge from Lithium batteries or in very rare extreme case of mishandling, the risk of fire, you should have a fire safe charge sack in your quadcopter to go with the battery and charger.

Flight Controller

– The KK2.0 HobbyKing Flight Controller

The flight controller for your quadcopter will have a cost of about $30. This controller does not require any programming using a computer and all the setup will be done through the on board LCD screen and the 4-buttons attached to it. It is a very stable, good quality flight controller.

Radio system

– The OrangeRx T-Six DSM2, 6CH Transmiter (Mode 2)

This 2.4Ghz transmitter is good for your quadcopter. It is mostly used in JR & Spektrum radio systems. It uses DSM2 communication making it a good fit for the OrangeRx receivers in your quadcopter.

Other Quadcopter kit bits

There are other bits that you need to include in order to complete a best quadcopter kit such as an on-board low voltage alarm from Lipoly, male to male 10cm servo leads, turnigy battery strap, open pilot mounting adapter and power breakout cable (XT60 to Multistar). The overall cost of these other quadcopter kit bits will be about $17.


Your quadcopter is now complete and you can proceed to have a fun exciting pursuit of building your own quadcopter. Remeber to take your time and don’t be in any rush to complete the building process. Good workmanship is a product of patience as well as the combination of the best quadcopter kit components.