Best 12 electric motorcycle for kids

Electric motorcycle is no longer a luxurious belonging since it is not too difficult to afford one for kids. This mode of transportation is user-friendly, from toddlers to teenagers. That is the reason why their design focuses on great consideration of safety. Safety must come first.

“Why should I get a electric motorcycle for my kids?”

Electric motorcycle is promised to provide tons of joy for your kids. Every ride can turn in to an exciting adventure. Imagine your kids cruising the house and garden in search of crime. As a result, riders can get the realistic police experience. When your kids make endless trips around your house, they not only develop motor skill, but also consolidate coordination and confidence at the same time.

Moreover, this is the case for parents who always worry about their child’s health. Riding an electric motor is a great way for kids to forget about the TV in their room or the virtual world of computer games, which are now replaced with physical outdoor activities. In order word, your children will be physically active and forget the stationary lifestyle. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a smile on the face of a healthy child.

Some tips for safety

  • While all of electric motors are supposedly outdoor toys, they are still powered vehicles, that is why accident can happen. When ordering one, ensure you have the appropriate safety equipment, namely helmet, knee and elbow pads. For sure nobody wants their beloved children hurt.
  • Some types of electric motor could be too speedy for younger children, especially when they have no driving experience before.
  • Some others do not drive very well on grass.

How to choose a best electric motorcycle for kid


However, if you are in the market for an ideal electric motorcycle, then you have probably discovered the fact that there are a lot more options than you have ever imagine.Therefore, choosing  the right one can be both fun and challenging. Following are some basic criteria that can be useful for your choice.

  • Tires: choose one equipped with strong and sturdy tires which allows you to drive on small rocks or off-road and ensures playing time on different terrains.
  • Noise: you should take this criterion into consideration when your kids tend to drive near the neighbor’s property. Thus, it is great for avoiding any potential disturbance problems with your neighbors.
  • Low-contoured seat: Your kids can sit on without straining.
  • Pedals: They should be positioned in the spot that rider can easily reach with ease.
  • Weight limitation: For modern design, the lighter the motorbike is, the easier it is to drive. However, the weight of rider is more important than how much weight itself.

Your child can outgrow after a couple of years, then sometimes it makes sense when your start investing into larger sized electric motorbikes.

#1. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

The MX350 Dirt Rocket, is a high performance, electric powered dirt bike with authentic dirt bike frame geometry. It combines with a hand operated brake on the left which brakes the rear wheel andensures the safety of the rider.

With a high-torque, powerful 350 Watt electric motor, large 12″ pneumatic knobby tires for maximum power transfer, dual suspension and speeds up to 12 miles per hour with no pedaling needed, up to 30 minutes of continuous use (Can travel up to 10 miles on a single charge), you’ll be the king of the dirt hill. Remember that before you start your first riding, fully charge the battery for 12 hours as the manual stated.

The continuous charging time will halve, it takes about 5 hours to charge and this depends on the current charge of the battery. The terrain has strongly affect the battery use, for instance, riding on hill definitely runs the battery down.

#2. Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

With the Dirt Rocket line, Razor introduced off-road rides for those who have no fear of the dirt. A scaled-down motocross bike with an electric motor, the Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket is ideal for pre-teens and teens who want to enjoy a revved-up version of the off-road dirt bike experience. Razor products is always built to last, with a strong steel frame and rugged components.

As predicted, it can take a beating for years and still go strong. Razor definitely put quality and durability first – it is refreshing to get a product that is well thought, well constructed, and built for frequent and long term use.

The MX650 is operated with powerful 650-watt electric motor and can carry rider of 220 pounds limited and run with the speed up to 17 mph. The pneumatic knobby tires and chain-driven motor specially designed for maximum power transfer and noise-free as well. Moreover, dual suspension and riser handlebars deliver smooth and comfortable ride. This MX650 line is recommended for ages 16 and older.

#3. Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike

Razor Pocket Rocket (Blue)
List Price: $209.99
Price: $209.99
You Save: N/A

This scaled-down street bike is designed to reach powerful fun at speeds up to 15 mph and carry riders up to 170 pounds. The chain driven motor and the large 10-inch pneumatic tires deliver super quiet operation and smooth ride. After its charging time of 12 hours, this electric bike is ready for 45 minutes of continuous driving. After delivery, minimal assembly is required, just follow the manual and use the enclosed tools.

Prior to riding, please carefully read the manual. There are some safety equipment recommended of your child is so young or has no riding experience. This is ideal for teens ages 13 and up.

#4. Lil’ Rider Harley Style Wild Child Motorcycle

If you’re looking for a powered two-wheeler that is something more than a simple toy, but something less than a full-blown motorbike, this black motorcycle is highly recommended for you. This model is a  battery-operated ride-on motorcycle that features a sleek and fiery design. It also includes fun features, namely, chrome colored highlights and sharp colorful decorations. In order to start the engine, your child can press the starting button for a cool starting sound or enjoy honking the horn.

The Harley Style Bike can reach the speed up to 3 miles per hour. It is operated with the battery of 6V 4AH. Tear through the neighborhood in style with the Trademark Global Harley Style Wild Child Battery Operated Motorcycle as it appears to be the coolest toy on the block.


– This is a hazardous item and cannot be returned.

#5. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Razor Pocket Mod (Vapor)
List Price: $289.99
Price: $273.91
You Save: $16.08

Enjoy your terrific riding time on this Euro-style electric scooter. It is dressed up in bright metallic pink and accented with handlebar streamers just for girls. Featuring a high-performance, chain-driven electric motor and a vintage-inspire body, this Pocket Mod can reach the maximum speed of 15 miles per hour, which is relatively fast for a quick trip to the grocery store or a fun ride around the neighborhood.

A pair of 12-inch pneumatic tires combining with a rear suspension system are equipped so as to ensure the most comfortable ride. It is not to mention other features including a retractable kickstand, variable-speed acceleration, a padded seat, and a built-in battery that travels for up to 10 miles on a single charge.

This model is recommended for children whose age is 13 or older within 170 pounds of limited weight. Cruise the side streets in style with this Euro-style electric scooter from Razor.

#6. Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

The Razor Dirt Rocket MX500 is a high performance electric motocross bike in the market. It is sure to be authentic dirt bike frame geometry which can carry riders up to 175 pounds and provide a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour. It can travel up to 10 miles on a single charge.MX500 Rocket uses the 36V sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system and it requires 12 hours to be ready for the next ride.

The geared for dirt with large 16″ and 14″ pneumatic knobby tires are designed for its maximum power transfer. The dual suspension and riser handlebars both contribute to a smooth and comfortable ride. Moreover, the chain driven motor is specially designed for quiet and powerful operation. This model is ideal for teenagers ages 14 or older.

#7. Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled Off-Road Vehicle

The Razor Dirt Quad is a miniature electric off-road quad. The high torque gear ration provides excellent climbing capabilities. Moreover, terrain tracing droop-travel rear suspension is sure to provide a smooth ride, combining with shatter resistant plastic fairings and powder coated tubular steel frame for all weather splash-proof durability.

The tires are pneumatic rubber tires and effortless to replace. The wheels are steel and use precision ball bearings. Without the clatter of plastic tires, all you hear is the humming motor and some chatter from the chain drive – what a relief from plastic on gravel. The steering has real tie-rod ends and adjustable alignment. The steering is linear but will make very sharp turns lock to lock.

Battery life is outstanding… I have seen 1.5 hours ride time in 50-60F weather in grass and gravel. The batteries are 2x 12V 7Ah sealed lead acid in series for 24VDC. An intelligent charger manages the batteries, and the bike should be charged after every use. Do not let your kids run down the batteries and teach them to watch for the “low” indication. It needs 12 hours to be fully recharged and provides a continuous ride of 40 minutes.

#8. Razor Dune Buggy

Razor Dune Buggy
List Price: $459.00
Price: $459.00
You Save: N/A

The Razor Dune Buggy provides the ultimate in electric powered off-road capabilities. The accelerator is a thumb paddle which is safe and easy for children. It is proven that your children’s hand can move faster than their foot then they find no difficult to regulate the speed. It provides powerful speeds of10 mph and can carry up to 120lbs!

The Dune Buggy’s specially designed reduction drive is perfect for lower torque climbing and off-roading. The 8″ knobby tires and big bucket seat allow for a smooth comfortable ride. There is a light that lights up when the battery power is about to run off.


– There is no audible bell tone. Kids may not notice the light signals in the middle of having fun.

#9. Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX

Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX, Green
List Price: $229.99
Price: $268.90
You Save: N/A

This Kawasaki KFX makes itself a perfect present for your children if they love exploring and playing “grown-up”. If your kids had no experience riding it before, don’t worry as learning to operate  the Kawasaki KFX is a piece of cake. The vehicle’s foot rest and comfortable seat makes for easy on and off. Wide tires grip on hard surfaces, gravel, wet grass, mud and most rough terrain.An easy twist-grip throttle revs up the motor and sends your little one off in search of big adventures. However, as being designed for kids, their weight must not exceed the 65lbs maximum.

This model provides super safe driving speed – 3 mph – fast enough for fun and slow enough for adults to walk behind. And, when he’s bigger and more experienced, you can remove the high speed lock-out to change the maximum speed to 6 mph in the forward direction. The vehicle uses the power of 12-Volt battery for both mentioned speeds.

The vehicle also features a specially designed safety braking system which automatically stops the vehicle when the child’s hand leaves the throttle. And don’t forget the sporty styling and chrome accents that rev up the fun into high gear – this Kawasaki looks and sounds like the real thing.

#10. MM-B80 Youth Mini Bike

Enjoy your next weekend on this stylist and classic mini bike. MM-B80 is well built with the 80cc overhead valve engine and automatic clutch that ensure easy operation. The rugged steel frame and no-dent fenders provide the toughness you need to conquer the outdoors. It can reach the speed of 23 miles per hour and carry rider up to 150lbs. The tires are substantial and perform well on asphalt and off road. The structure comes with rear disc brake, reinforced frame, polypropylene fenders and large comfortable seat. Altogether provides the wonderful riding time for rides.

This model comes pre-assembled. Just attach the handlebars, add gas and go! In short,it is a good engine size, with enough power for a new learning rider without being too much.

#11. Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart

Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart
List Price: $325.18
Price: $269.00
You Save: $56.18

This kart is ideal for children who wants to experience a special means of transportation as this vehicle is extremely well made and solid as a rock. The chain-driven motor runs with the speed of 12 miles per hour, requires up to 40 minutes for every single charge and supports drivers whose maximum weight is 140 pounds. However, you should charge the battery according to the manufacturer’s suggestions in the manual.  Other features include thumb-trigger acceleration control, hand-operated rear brake, race-tuned chassis and super-slick rear wheels altogether provide excellent journey to riders.

The model come mostly assembled in the box. You only have to attach the steering wheel to the shaft (quite easy) and the seat and seatbelt to the cart (also easy). The flag just slides into a hole and is easily removable. Once assembled, it could fit into the back of a standard mini van or even possibly on the backseat or on edge in a regular car if necessary – so taking it to a “closed course” is not horribly difficult.

#12. Jetson Electric Bikes Junior E-Bike

The Fire Engine Ride-on is promised to deliver so much fun for your kids. It’s really well built, super sturdy and the battery lasts a long time when fully charged. It has two speed settings which are easy to toggle back and forth. Parents can set up either 6 mph or 10 mph based on their kid’s the safety and riding experience. The slower setting is good for smaller kids and runs at a safe speed, not scary at all.

It is a battery operated ride-on that can go forward, reverse, left and right. Forward and reverse gears Realistic Siren sound effects Working transparent sirens lights Working microphone. The product comes with flashing lights, fun sound features, a and working microphone. It also includes a six-volt rechargeable UL-listed charger. After the delivery, you need to follow the manual to do some assembly. This product is ideal for children ages between 8 and 14.

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