Best baby lightweight umbrella stroller – Buying guide

Some years back, baby strollers were too big and cumbersome, making many parents uncomfortable when using them. With the latest technology coming in, several changes have been observed when it comes to design, quality, and affordability. Today there are many models available on the market that is pleasant for customers to purchase. These strollers are now smaller, compact in size. These are commonly referred as lightweight umbrella strollers.

Most of the parents prefer the lightweight umbrella strollers, as they are easy to use, affordable and keep the baby comfortable. They are perfect for kids from sitting stage right through their toddler years.

If you want to have the best baby lightweight umbrella stroller, you must consider some feature. These features include the type of construction materials, the types of wheel, features and options available, the comfort of the baby and how long your child will be able to use the stroller. Since there are many brands on the market, it may be hard for you to select the best model. Read our buying guide to know what to look for while choosing the best baby lightweight umbrella stroller.

Best baby lightweight umbrella stroller buying guide



The first feature that you should consider when purchasing a lightweight umbrella stroller is the frame. Make sure you look at the design as well as the material used to construct the frame. The stronger the materials are the better the performance.

A strong frame will also ensure that the stroller is durable and easy to use. Look for a frame that is built from high-quality materials such as aluminum. The main benefit of selecting aluminum frame is that it is lightweight yet durable.


Another thing to give a top priority while looking for the best lightweight stroller is the seat. Take your time to evaluate the seat and ensure that it is designed with the use of safe and comfortable materials. The materials making the seat must be gentle to the baby’s skin.

The seat must also be spacious to allow your bay to sit or sleep well. Seat cushion is another thing to look at. It must be well padded to ensure that your baby is comfortable. It is also important to ensure that the seat can be adjusted in multiple reclining positions to ensure that your babies are more comfortable especially when they are taking a nap.

Weight capacity

When trying to evaluate which is the best umbrella stroller available on the market, it is important to give attention to the weight capacity of the model. Generally, a stroller should be lightweight, and weight capacity should be maximum. Remember, the weight capacity is related to the period that you will be able to use the stroller.

If you choose a model with a small load capacity, your baby will outgrow the weight capacity of the stroller within a short time. This means that you will have to buy a new one sooner than later. Make sure that you follow the stated weight capacity. If the stroller can only hold up to fifty pounds, ensure that you use the stroller until the baby attains that weight. If your child’s weight goes beyond that weight and you still use the stroller, it could lead to safety issues. For instance, the baby can be too cramped in the seat if the baby weighs more than what the stroller is made to handle.


A canopy is a necessary feature in an umbrella stroller. The canopy will offer sun protection and ensure that your baby will not feel excess sun heat when strolling on a sunny day. If it is raining, the canopy can provide protection that is needed by your little angel. Different brands offer their lightweight strollers with a variety of canopies to suit the needs of their clients.

Some lightweight strollers have a large viewing window that makes it possible for you to watch your baby without having to lift the canopy. Other strollers come with multi-tiered canopies that provide you with an opportunity to have it adjusted based on the amount of sunshade needed.


No one would want to purchase a stroller with poor quality wheels that makes it extremely hard to push. Make sure that you select a stroller with wheels that are constructed using the right materials. This will mean that the wheels are durable and have the ability to absorb shock, promoting the comfort of the baby. It is also very important to consider the size of the wheels.

Generally, a stroller with large wheels is the best. Large wheels enable you to maneuver the stroller effortlessly even if you are in bumpy areas. You can move this stroller in different types of surfaces including gravel surface; grass covered surface, sandy surface, and flat surface effortlessly. A lockable wheel is also another impressive feature that helps you to put the stroller in a stable position when it is not strolling. This ensures that your baby is safe. Also, the suspension is one more aspect that you should consider as it enhances maneuverability.


Most individuals look at the cost of the stroller to make sure that it is within the allocated budget. However sometimes, the price is not always the best measure to guide you on what product to purchase. Do not look for the cheapest stroller to make a purchase; you may end up buying a poor stroller that will last no more than a week. Also, it does not mean that all the highly priced stroller is the best. Look for reasonably priced models that are constructed using high-quality materials.


Safety is another important consideration while purchasing an umbrella stroller. Safety harness of the stroller will ensure that your baby is completely safe. You should select strollers with 3-5 points of harness and make sure that it has the primary function to make sure that the child is kept in a secure position to avoid falling or escape. When considering the safety of the stroller, look at brakes and ensure they are easy to access as this will allow you to bring the stroller to a stop when there is a need to do so.

Unit weight

Make sure that you look at the technical specification of the umbrella strollers that you are considering to purchase. When checking these details, make sure that you check the weight of the unit. The umbrella strollers are generally lightweight although some models are lighter than the others are. A lightweight model is an excellent choice since it will be easy to use.

These are just some of the most important features that you should look at. It is also important to look at customer reviews and select models that have been tested and proven that they can deliver what they promised. After doing extensive research and putting all the features we have discussed above, we compiled a list of the best baby lightweight umbrella stroller. Please go through it and select the model that meets your needs perfectly.

Best baby lightweight umbrella stroller review

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Stroller

If you are looking for a lightweight stroller that has an excellent function, durability, and quality, you do not need to look further. The Kolcraft Cloud stroller come with all must have features, making it one of the best strollers available on the market.

The stroller can carry up to 50 pounds with itself weighing only 12 pounds. The stroller has a multi-positioning reclining seat that offers about five-point safety restraint system that gives your baby all the comfort he/she needs. Both the parent tray and child tray has 2-cup holders that you can use to keep your water as well as the baby’s milk. This model comes in a lightweight design that is foldable for portability and storage.

Graco Click Connect Literider Stroller

You baby will be comfortable and safe in Graco Click Connect Literider Stroller, which is a lightweight stroller weighing less than 20lbs. It is an ultra portable model that is perfect for moms on the go.

The stroller can hold up to 40 pounds for many years, offering a comfortable strolling. The seat is well padded with super soft materials that keep the baby comfortable all the time. The multi-position reclining seat also allows the baby to ride in comfort during your exploration. Another thing we loved about this stroller is that it accepts all Graco click connect infant care seat that comes with a one-step secure attachment.

Summer Infant 2015 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

This model is highly popular for a number of reasons. First, it comes with a durable and stylish aluminum frame, which is lightweight making your stroller to be easy to use. It also comes with a large seat area that is well padded with ultra soft materials to keep the baby comfortable.

The stroller has anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels enhancing the safety of the baby. Also, the model come with an adjustable and removable canopy with flip out sun visor as well as extra large storage basket.

JOOVY Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller

This product is perfect for on the go moms who are looking for the most lightweight, compact and maneuverable stroller available on the market. The model comes with sealed ball bearing wheels that offer superior maneuverability and parent organizer that has a rear canopy attachment as well as 2-cup holders. It also features a back seat for an older child as well as stand – on platform.

Disney Umbrella Stroller with Canopy

This is an easy, compact umbrella fold that comes with comfortable covered handles. The stroller offers three-point harness to ensure that your baby is safe every time you are strolling to the market place or just for a picnic.

It accommodates children who weigh up to forty pounds. It superior frame design that is made with aluminum ensure that you have a reliable stroller that is easy to use. It also features high-quality wheels, which are lockable.

Mountain Buggy 2016 Nano Stroller

This impressive umbrella stroller comes with an infant car seat ready. This means that there is no need to buy additional adapters.

This model comes in a compact size and weighs about 13 pounds. It has a 44lb weight capacity and is suitable for children up to four years. The model comes with a shoulder strap and travel bag included. We love the fact that it has easy two-step fold and meets airport regulation for luggage carryon.

RECARO Easylife Ultra-Lightweight Stroller

The travel-friendly RECARO Easylife Stroller is the ultimate stroller for busy moms. This model comes with an extended canopy that offers UV protection and has a water-repellant coating. It also features a quick and easy one-hand fold that is located on the handle bar.

The product also come with a cool mesh integrated side wall as well as mesh parent peek-a-boo window that lets you monitor your baby without removing the canopy.

Maclaren Volo

The Maclaren Volo offers you with a smooth ride for your little angel wherever you go with high-quality front swivel wheels and excellent all-wheel suspension that absorbs any impact.

The model offers an expandable waterproof and UV sun canopy that has an inbuilt sun visor. It weighs about 9.7lbs and is suitable for children who are more than six months. We love the fact that it comes with a breathable mesh seat that is very comfortable for your kid.

GB Pockit Stroller

gb Pockit Stroller, Capri Blue
List Price: $249.95
Price: $179.95
You Save: $70.00

The GB Pockit Stroller is an affordable option that makes a fashion statement. This stroller is built using durable materials and is well designed to offer you many years of quality service.

The model is self-standing when folded; making an excellent option to take when traveling or going for an evening dinner as you can conveniently put it aside ate your favorite restaurant. It is easily foldable as it comes with an innovative two-step folding technique that enables you to switch from pushing to carrying within seconds.

Chicco Capri Lightweight Stroller

This top of the line stroller is loaded with features that keep up with the modern family. It features tall and ergonomic handles that make it easy for parents to enjoy the time when trolling the neighborhood with their kids.

This model has a super comfortable seat that has a two position reclining seat as well as a 5-point safety harness. The model comes with large, high-quality wheels that are backed with excellent front suspension making riding through rough terrains smooth.


Getting the best baby lightweight umbrella stroller will benefit you tremendously as it will help you to carry your baby effortlessly while ensuring that they are safe all the time. Take your time to plan and consider what you really need before purchasing a stroller. The best baby stroller needs to fit the needs of both the baby and parent for it to be considered as a useful and worth the investment.

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