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Every day, you spend a long time at work, things are worse if you work extra hours our take a night shift. You are living in tight budget so gym is not the right place for you to dig in. Whatever the reasons are, at times you are getting bored with your sedentary lifestyle. Stop your thinking of gym for a while and think about your house. There is no reason why you cannot built strength and be stronger at home. What you should prepare include a spacious space, water, time and strong will. So, read this whole article and you will find the right place to invest your time. Let build up your own home workout routine.

Find out the best equipment around your house


Chair and other chair-like objects are suitable for both genders to do some basic body movement. You can sit in, bend over or keep balanced. Details will be described clearly in the following parts.


It’s great when you stay upstairs and stop moaning if it takes you few minutes to climb up and down. That action intentionally makes your heart beats faster, breath deeper and sweat profoundly at times, but accidentally it enhances your health without recognition. Turn those stairs into a cardio machine and no magic wand necessary.


Wardrobe can make you stronger? This seems to be one of the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard. How about keeping your feet under the robe and folding your belly.


Do some skipping while you are watching television, after you get up or any time you feel ache while sitting too long in front of the computer. This warm up activity helps you recharge your battery and release any strain in your body and mind.


You can easily get a double of quintals in any gym facility store. However, it is advisable to buy kinds that can be dismantle because your muscle will grow in the long run and it is required to lift something heavier.

Types of home workout

To make the exercise even more fun, you can blast some background music while doing them. Here are the most 10 common exercises


Ignore your car or motorbike if you have to go somewhere in your neighbor. Start walking to improve your immune system. If the weather is nice, a walk to enjoy the fresh atmosphere is great. Otherwise, you can take a stroll around your house. If there is any stairs, go up and down a few times. This will help to tone up your kegs while getting some low impact aerobic exercise as well.

Jumping jack

This simple exercise will recall your childhood memory. Do it simultaneously and relaxingly whenever you can. Surprisingly, it is a great cardio exercise and good for warming up.


This seems to be the hardship for starters. You do not need to pretend you are super strong after watching an athlete doing this 20 times continuously. Just be yourself, use your knee instead of keeping your legs straight. You can do it with a chair or stand up against the wall, progress to pushing with your hands braced against the table, and then on the floor. You will be building up your arm strength and working out muscles in your chest area.


First, lie down on your back, keep your feet on the floor then bend your knees and curl forwards until you shoulder blades leave the ground. Keep your arms behind your head and concentrate on flexing with your trunk.

This is one of the best exercise for strengthening your abdominal muscles. So long as you are going up and feel the stretching of your muscle, you will see some benefits.


Jogging is great for your heart. You can jog at home while watching television or listening to music. It is great if you can afford a jogging machine. Otherwise, a good pair of shoes is the only equipment you need.


Do some squats by stretching your legs and buttocks. Keep your back straight and slowly sit down to chair level. Hold it for a moment, then stand back up. Take 5 seconds to get your knees to 90 degrees, and other 5 to come back up.

This exercise is putting pressure on your waist-down areas, making your thighs stocky. You can even try this by sitting and standing up again from a regular chair. As long as you are able to do a few repetitions, you will be proving some benefits to your body.


Dancing is a great way of doing exercise and having fun at the same time. It not only lifts your spirits but also give your overall feeling a boost.

Advices to start this program for home workout routine

With a little attention to how you move, not how much, you are making instant improvements to be free of injures. Erase the notion of doing harder, faster, heavier and more, start working out scientifically. Following are the 3 things that you can acquire in this home workout program.

Strength and endurance

It is required at least 15 minutes for your training period. It can be a great challenge in the first week, but your endurance will improve in a couple of months. Remember that doing little is better than doing nothing.


Some exercise requires your balance. Make your best to keep balance to enhance the activation of your hemispheres. Now, you can stand on 1 leg within 60 seconds, can’t you?


It’s time to mention mobility of your knees, ankles, wrists, shoulders, hip and more. Remember to have a little warm-up before you start sweeting. It helps to lubricate your knuckles and prevents you from injuries.

The road to be healthier is no easy. Keep your moral up every day and promise to maintain this workout schedule for at least 3 months, until exercise becomes an indispensable part of your life. Imagine how wonderful it might seem when you share your home workout routine with others and get them involved.

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