Best protein foods that are essential for body builders and weight loss

How important are the high protein foods for our body? How much protein does our body need for muscle growth? What are the best protein foods? Is it safe to take so much protein over a long period? These are just some of the most common questions that most individuals have about protein. Today we are going to look at the importance of protein in our body and give you a list of foods that are good sources of protein.

Most people know that best protein food are crucial when it comes to maintaining our body functions. This is why you will find busy people always in search of nutritious foods that have high concentrations of protein to nibble while working. Additionally, high protein diet that consists various high protein foods will help you to maintain a healthy body all the time.

Although there is a lot of negative information regarding eating foods that have a high concentration of protein, recent scientific studies show that protein foods are imperative to our body. Whether your particular goal is toning your muscles, losing weight, recovering better from your workouts or simply maintaining muscle while losing the extra fat, protein foods are great for you.

How do protein foods help you to lose weight?

Years ago, everyone was afraid of taking high protein foods such as pork and foods because there was a lot of information discouraging the consumption of these foods as they were viewed as food containing high levels of saturated fat. However, this has changed now. Today it is possible to purchase cuts of pork, beef, and chicken that contains very little fat. This will not only help you to get the benefits that the protein offers for your body but will reduce the saturated fats that have a negative impact on our health.

Most people may wonder how protein intake has anything to do with losing weight. To answer this question, we are going to list more than three reasons why you should consider taking foods that are rich in protein.

  • Scientific studies done across the world gave shown that protein is very helpful in reducing hunger, building body mass and helping with the weight loss.
  • Other studies show that taking meals that have high levels of protein will help to burn more fat.
  • Recent research also indicates that people who will get more of their daily calories from proteins are more likely to burn more fat and produce more lean muscles that those who take carb diets
  • Additionally, your body will take long to digest protein food than it will take digesting carbs and simple sugar diets. Since it will take time when being digested, you will not feel hungry quickly. This will really help you when losing weight, as you do not have to keep on adding more calories in your body.

Reasons to consume best protein food for muscle growth

Beside proper workout routine as well as ideal calorie intake, high protein diet is a major requirement for you to tone your muscles. The protein will not only help you to build the muscles but play a major role when it comes to maintaining the muscles. Additionally, protein plays a major role in the growth and repair of your skin nails as well as hair.

Generally, the muscles are built from the amino acids that make up the protein. When the protein is absorbed by your muscles from the bloodstream, it will also help with the muscle tissue repair that may be from intense workouts. If you want to increase your muscle, you should consume about one gram of protein per pound of your bodyweight daily split over six meals. This means if you weigh around 150 pounds you should take around 150 grams of protein daily, so ensure you take around 25 grams in each meal. 

Generally, most protein contain will contain about 25 grams per serving and this is great for your health. However, milk shake, whey protein and other products that contain synthesized protein should only be used to supplement your nutrition.

Today, many natural sources of proteins are available. The sources will help to achieve your desired fitness goals easily. Remember for the best results ensure that you do regular exercise for you to shed off fat. Combining exercise with intake of protein will help you not only to lose weight but also to gain muscle. Here is the list of the best protein foods.

1. Eggs

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Eggs are the most natural and one of the best protein foods that will not only assist in muscle building but also assist you to lose weight. Eggs have a high concentration of protein as well as vitamins and other minerals that will enhance your overall body development.

In fact, eggs are considered as standard body building food that assists body builders to tone their muscles easily. Eggs contain about 6 grams of protein and are very easy to prepare. They will give you all the energy you need and act as a healthy snack when you feel hungry after training.

2. Lean beef


For many years, beef and pork have remained one of the best foods that help to build muscles for one reason. This is because it contains protein, B vitamins as well as essential vitamins. Besides helping you to tone your muscles, beef contains saturated fats that are useful in supporting testosterone levels as well as monounsaturated fat, which is great for your heart.

3. Fish


Fish is another best protein food that has high levels of both minerals and protein. Although most fish will offer you with good doses of protein, Tuna has the highest protein levels. Other fish that offers you with high levels of the protein includes the Spanish mackerel, cod as well as salmon. Besides the high level of protein, fish also have high concentrations of omega three fatty acids that are ideal for the proper functioning of the body and brain.

4. Dairy proteins


Although most daily products are great sources of protein, they contain high amounts of saturate fats that are a not so great when it comes to weight loss. However, today it is easy to find dairy products that have a low level of saturated fats. Some of the daily products that have high levels of protein include dairy cheese, yogurt, and milk. For you to reap the benefits of the protein, ensure you choose daily products that have low levels of fats.

5. Whey


Without any doubt, Whey is the best one of the major source of protein available. Many research studies show that whey contains the best quality o protein regarding biological value. To be precise, whey protein is way ahead of other major sources of protein. One factor that makes whey the top quality and a complete protein source is the fact that it had significantly higher absorption rate when you compared it to other high protein foods.

6. Chicken or turkey breasts


The list of the best sources of protein would never be complete without this excellent source of protein. Chicken or turkey breast is considered the best source as it comprises of lean white meat that has very little fat. Additionally, the chicken breasts are loaded with vitamin B6, which is great for your heart. Generally, a 3.5 oz serving of chicken breast contains a staggering 330 grams of protein. This means if you consume 7 oz chicken breast you will have consumed about 60 grams of protein, which is almost, half of your daily requirement of protein if you weight is 150 pounds.

7. Soybeans


If you are a vegetarian or love to include beans in your diet, you can take the advantage of the soybeans. These beans contain high levels of a protein that will help you to lose weight fast as well as gain muscles. Including few grams of soybeans in your diet will offer you with a great source of glutamine and arginine, which are two amino acids that are essential for building muscles. One great thing about soybeans is that they are locally available from your nearest grocery or supermarket. They are also inexpensive especially when you compare them to other sources of protein.

8. Brown rice


Did you know that brown rice is a major source of protein? If you want to build, more muscles or looking for a way to lose weight successfully, you should include this food in your diet. Cooked brown rice has about five grams of protein per every cup. Additionally this food has a high amount of branched- chain amino acids that are also great in general body health. You can take this food some hours prior either to your exercise or after exercise. When you take it before the exercise, this food will help you to burn more calories as well as toning your muscles. Taking it after the exercise is also essential, as it will provide your muscles with the energy they need to recuperate. 

9. Chia seeds


Probably you may have heard about the numerous benefits that the chia seeds come with. These seeds come with very many health benefits, and protein is one of the components that are available in the seeds. Taking a few grams of chia seeds everyday will give your body the protein it needs to burn more calories and in building muscles. Besides protein, these seeds have high concentrations of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, antioxidants, potassium as well as soluble fiber. These ingredients are also great for overall body and mind health.

10. Spirulina


Spirulina is powerhouses of protein. These foods are made up of 65 to 71 percent of protein, which is far much better than beef, which contains only 22 percent. Another advantage of taking this best protein food is that contains vital amino acids and other minerals that are absorbed by the body easily.

11. Protein bars and shakes

Protein bars and shakes are great food supplements that are a readily available in your nearest supermarket. If you are looking to build more muscles of losing weight effectively, these products are great for keeping the hunger at bay. They are a better alternative to eating fast foods that contain sugars and fats that are the worst enemy when it comes to loosing weight. Although these products are effective in keeping hunger away, these shakes should be used as a supplement to a healthy diet. Do not forget to take healthy diet for you to reap the full benefits.

12. Whole grain


Lastly, whole grains are also great sources of protein that is useful for gaining muscles. Some of the whole grains that will provide you with great sources of protein include barley, wheat, and oats. Besides providing your body with high protein content, the grains will also increase fiber and carbohydrates in your diet. If you want to gain muscles within the shortest time possible try using the whole grain bread to make sandwiches instead of the white one. Another advantage of taking the whole grain is that the food will take long to be digested, helping you to feel full for a longer period.

13. Nuts


Another great source of protein is Nuts. These foods are essential to people who are struggling with weight loss and are perfect for individuals who want to gain muscles. About one ounce of almonds or cashews has 150-170 high-quality calories and a high percentage of protein. The nuts are perfect blends of fats, fiber, and protein and are very helpful when you need the extra energy to continue with your workout. They are perfect snacks to have in between your training sessions as they will give you energy and still help in toning your muscles.


As you can see, many foods can offer you with a great source of protein. All the products are easy to find in your local supermarket and are very affordable. The preparation period very short and you can still find a ready products that do not need any preparations. Whether your goal is to build more muscles, lose weight, get stronger or control your hunger these best protein foods will help you to achieve your goals easily. With the products we have listed, you will not only achieve your fitness goals but also provide your body with essential amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients that are very useful in our body development.