Buying guides for kid toys

Give your kid a new toy and prepare to receive happiness. In fact, toy is more than a plaything. It is the precious spiritual gift that family members, especially parents, by which they can transfer their beloved messages to their little angels.  However, choosing the right toys for kids is not an easy task.

Generally, children are not fussy when thinking of toys, but parents should be. Think about the exact age of the child, the child’s gender, the child’s personality, his or her interests and skills (this is not important when your child is a toddler or younger), any special challenges that can affect a child’s physical limitations and play experience, and how he or she will use the toy.

In this article, we will first focus on the psychological changes of children mind after they were born till they feel bored with toys. Then, there are some invisible risks behind the toys that might affect your kids. Finally, there are some tips on choosing electric devices for your children, including electric scooters, RC helicopters and RC boats. There is the fact that these types of toy are becoming more popular these days, which attracts plenty of concerns from both kids and parents.

The child age and the choice of toys

The growth of age strongly affects your children’s mindset and how they choose the suitable toys to play with. Understand what your children really want and need is a must before you spend money on toys for them. Following are the 5-stage summary of kids’ development and how they react to toys and playtime.


In the first stage of a human life – an infant, babies start having contact with things surround  them by grasping, holding and exploring objects through their senses. This process helps develop their fundamental skills, including the ability to see, touch, smell, hear and feel. They are gravitated with bright colors and sounds as for the first couple of months, babies rely on their eyes and ears to absorb information. As soon as babies can reach and grab, they test out their toys in mouth. That’s why this stage is extremely important when choosing the appropriate toys for them in order to avoid any unexpected results of swallowing or unsanitary cases. An 8-week baby is ready for rattles and cloth toys, soft squeeze balls or musical toys.


Growing a little bit as a toddler, babies start enjoying physical plays which excess their energy and develop emerging muscle control. They are more interested with something attractive and it is not uncommon when they continue their habits of testing things in their mouth. 

As a preschooler, kids start being interested with how things work. They are continuously asking why with their friends and family. This is also the stage of practicing creativity (remember the walls with little flowers, your kids, crayons and your anger) and shaping their personality. Boys start mimicking hero toys (Dad, I want to fly like the superman!) and girls have fun with doll house.

For school-age students, toys or games play a vital role in encouraging them to share their knowledge and ability. Something which are played in both group or individually are preferred. Games like math toys, construction set, etc. help boost children’s self-esteem and allow them to use their own skills of counting or problem solving.

When stepping into pre-teen period, children become less interested in toys. In this stage, acceptance from friends and self-esteem is much more important. Board games, card games or electronic games do contribute to refine their social and intellectual skills.

In general, plaything for baby is a means of initial interaction, in which kids find their own ways to get familiar with objects for their own amusement. Later in their natural development, toys play role as a catalyst in stimulating children’s dexterity, thinking, social skills or even education.

Some warnings for parents who are buying toys

According to MeriK Appy, the president of Safe Kids USA, there are more than 200,000 toy-related injuries a year that result in emergency room visits. Most are under 4 years old, and more than a dozen children under 15 die each year from toy-related accidents. These figures are not subject to terrify readers, but to warn you that risk might appear even in a minor action or a nick of time.



Playground safety

Outdoor playground provides your kids fresh air, neighbor partners, and exercises which terminate them with a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, it is important for parents to make sure that improper toys or careless behaviors do not ruin your fun.

You can ensure the safety of your playground by checking all the equipment for any potential hazards. Be concern with water playground or the ragged terrain. On top of this, teaching your kids how to play in safety is the first advice. If they know the rules well, they are less likely to get hurt. Give supervision to your kids: play in a safe environment and put toys in the right place after done.

The risk of choking

As mentioned in the previous parts, babies tend to stick anything they grab in their mouth, no matter how big they gross. The most basic advice is to buy age-appropriate toys. Before taking money out of your wallet, spend a minute to read the warnings on labels. Of course they are here for reason and usually be missed on purpose. Most of the warning labels are for children of the age of 3 or younger as they are at the highest risk of being chocked.

Choking hazard comes from toys in sphere shape, including balls, balloons, marbles, and even Lego pieces. The list will surely be lengthened with any items small enough to put into their mouth (button, ring, jewelry, etc). If you have 2 kids or more, here is the thing. What is appropriate for one child can be dangerous for the other. You should separate toys of those in different boxes, maybe keep such pieces out of their reach. Then, remind the older children to keep their playthings away from younger siblings.

Chemical toys

Babies put all toys straight onto their mouths. Besides the worry about choking, you have to think about whether that toy contains any chemicals that could lead to serious health risk. Many common household toys, especially toys which are made of plastic, can contain chemical hazards.


Noisy toys is harmful for baby’s sensitive ears. Then, anything is loud to you (and loud to your baby) should be put as far as possible, or you can take the battery out or cover the speaker with some tapes. Problem solved!


Putting the toys in mouth or not washing hands after play can spread bacteria from kids to kids. Choose the toys which are washable and always keep your kids sanitary are what you can do to prevent any unexpected diseases.

Battery consideration

If your kids tend to play with battery –operated toys, be sure to buy extra batteries for continuous play. Do not let the batteries rusted in the toys. Otherwise, it might ruin the whole thing. After replacing batteries, throw the old ones in the trash bin or at least keep them out of your kids’ hand.

Toys as gift

When buying toys as gifts, pay attention to the age of the recipients and the space in their house. You definitely do not want to buy a huge scooter for a child who dwells in a small apartment or in a place without sidewalks. Moreover, a thoughtful gift-giver will not ignore the warning label. Check this carefully before giving your presents to any babies.

Here are simple tips and advices for parents who want to buy electric toys for their children. Save these tips in your mind as you can reuse for any related toys in the future.

1. How to buy a good electric scooter?



In fact, purchasing any electrical devices is not an easy task. New brand names and genres appear incessantly in the market. One the one hand, buyers have more options which fit them bets. On the other hand, buying the right one after shortlisting is such a cumbersome task. You should begin your search based on your purpose. Is the scooter for a daily commune, or a gift of fun? Are you a newbie or a professional racer? Just a short answer of yes and no will definitely change the type of scooter you are aiming at. You can read a related article here:


Depending on the type of scooter you go for, the range is varied. This is basically the maximum distance that your scooter can reach without any need of recharging the power. An average electric scooter can provide a range between 10 and 15 mph. The speed of your scooter is not important. However, it is not a wise option to buy your kids a fast scooter, right? For sure no manufacturer would design their products with a snail pace speed, then a medium one will be perfect.

Body weight limitation

A normal electric scooter can carry both kid and adult at the same time., but there is still a certain weight limitation. For kids, this is not a hardship to stay in the weight limit, but things is different when this comes to adults.

Charging issue

An electric scooter is operated with electricity and a charged battery’s operation based on what type the scooter is and also how long you use the battery. This is determined by the size of your bike, the quality of battery and the frequency of usage. A normal battery provides a continuous playtime of 40 minutes, some can last for several hours.

If your kids love riding, it is advised a small 2 wheeled bicycle or an electric powered kick scooter. there are different models to suit different types of age. Most of the scooters are suitable for kids at the age of 8 or older. Even teenagers are still having fun riding on a scooter. This is just theoretical, the requirements base on how tall your kids are and how skilfully they can control the scooter. Generally, it is an ease when you see your kids find out how to operate the scooter themselves, and you just sit there seeing them enjoy their journey through the air.

2. How to choose a remote control helicopter?

RC helicopter is becoming more and more popular in the gift-fiving culture. However, lots of parents are still in the fog of choosing a RC helicopter for their kids around Christmas or birthday time. The following recommendations may help your kids get into this hobby, and maybe so do you.



RC plan requires some simple installation before diving into the sky. Therefore, it is also easy to dismantle and users can easily get replacement parts whenever some parts breaks or wear out, or just for upgrading. In the beginning, some components may crash so often, including the canopy, main shaft and landing skids. This may upset your kids a lot when things break down at the first flight. However, you can comfort them, something encouraging like “That’s fine, boy. We can replace this wing with a stronger one!” I bet there will be a kid-and-father moment when you do something together after playtime. You can read a related article here:

Body construction

Helicopter genres are varied based on specific features and motors. Toy helicopters for children, generally, are inexpensive and limited control but easy to use. They come in a variety of design, color and materials.

Some RC helicopters coming in box are fully assembled, while children prefer to build their own model at times. Toy helicopters are super lightweight, so they can fly not only with the maximum speed and height but also use the power efficiently. No matter how light they may seem, they must be study enough to steer the wind and withstand crashes. If your kids are beginners who are trying to fly, they should go first with durable models, such as those made with hard plastic polymers. This material is strong enough to take on after a couple of crashes.

Number of channels

RC  helicopters receive radio signals from the controller and translate them into different movement. Each type of action requires 1 transmission channel, thus the more sophisticated the helicopter, the more channels it may have.

  • 2 channels: 1 control the turning, the other control the speed. These helicopter requires little control without any complicated moves. The movements are limited, then it can only fly forward.
  • 3 channels: as simple as a helicopter with 2 channels, including the forward and reserve movements.
  • More than 3 channels: a more variety of movements and the addition of collective pitch are new features. The helicopter can do some complicated displays in the air, including swooping, rolling, looping, flying backwards and even flying upside-down.

Power source

Battery is a great source for any finds of electric devices as they are safe and convenient to use. Moreover, extra batteries are inexpensive and they create no noise comparing to fuel powered motor. This is a highly attractive quality of battery for people who fly their helicopter in the neighbor or take videos or pictures above from the sky. Since these are devices for your kids, I will not recommend any accessories or add-on, which comes later when they want to master more skills.

3. How to choose the right RC boat for kids?

If you choose to read this part first, I definitely sure that you are looking for the best RC boats for your children. The world of RC boat is enlarging every day as new models come into the market every year. Thus, they have been at the top of children’s wish lists for decades. Boats emerge with a wide range of styles, for instance sail boats, speed boats and tug boats. Not only for fun but toy boats are also used as a means of competition.



RC boat is a great choice for all ages without any separation of levels. However, without any understanding of this RC device can be a hardship at first, then choosing one may be much more complex than people have ever thought. Following are the 4 main criteria when parents take up RC boat for their children as a pastime hobby. You can read a related article here:

Exterior design

Some RC boasts are specially intended to be used by young kids. Therefore, they do not have lots of small and easy-to-break components. Instead, they have sturdy antennas which are covered with tough plastic or rubber.

When it comes to children, the top priority is having a safe ad easy-to-handle boat. You also bear in mind that RC toys for children do not usually look very realistic. Older kids (especially pre-teens) tend to be more concern about what their boats look like. So, it’s worth to choose a RC toy boat that is as realistic as possible in this circumstances. The more ornate and realistic the boat is, the more money you have to spend.

The control

The types control play important role in how easy your boat can sail. Toys designed for small kids is easier to operate with 2 or 3 controls of moving forwards and turning. Kids love playing with them in water. This moment makes them happy as the boat is sailing round a pool or a small pond in your garden.


Spend some minutes and think about where and how your kids (and you) will use the boat. RC boat requires a lot of space. It is ideal to have a big back yard, then purchase the boat that can work on the grass. This is great for such an indoor activity. However, for something more challenging, your kids can play in a nearby pond or river under your strict observation.

Battery consideration

A small battery can ruin your boat during it rusty time. If AA or AAA batteries are used, check carefully how often they need to be replaced. In case you need to charge your boat directly, then how long does it take to fully charge them and how long they last for a single charge.

In reality, playing the boat with charging might discourage your kid in case the power runs down in the middle of your fun time. With a battery-used boat, you can always replace batteries whenever you want.


The principle tip of choosing the right toys for your kids (including other electrical devices) is carefully consider all different features and options as you can. Prioritize the age of your kids, then keep any preferences of the recipient in your mind as well. No matter how many brand names out there, I am sure there will be one that actually bring happiness to your children, and even yourself.

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