Choose the best bark collar for small dog

Training collar (or shock collar) is no longer a new means of method for training your dogs to be disciplined and well-behaved. It comes from a various range of functions and price. In most cases, It is not hard to find a fit training collar for your big-sized pet, however if you have a small dog, it is a different story. Bark collar for small dog is one of the universal functions of a shock collar designed to stop your little dog from incessant barking, especially at night. However, you should determining why and what is causing your dog to bark excessively before implementing this method to your little friend.



How a bark collar for small dog works

There are 3 most common modes, namely beep mode, vibrate mode and shock mode. You should notice that all training collars have the shock functionality, whereas the beep and vibrate modes are optional. Functions like these aid in correcting this bad habit by providing your dog with a gradual level of corrective stimulation each time your dog barks.

  • Beep mode: In this mode, your dog will hear a ‘beep’ as a marker or a first warning. This sound is emitted whenever you press the collar controller. Following is a mild shock if your little dog continues his barking. For times of use, your dog can easily concern the beep sound as a punishment. This method can be accompanied with the use of a whistle or some verbal actions like ‘hey’ or ‘come on’ to get the dog’s attention or to interrupt his current action.
  • Vibrate mode: Like the usage of beep mode, this vibrate function can be used as a marker of interruption. It is similar as how your mobile phone vibrates to get your attention.

  • Shock mode: With this mode, an electric current will be delivered to the dog through 2 contact points at the connected area around the dog’s neck. You should not worry as the shock is mild and cause little physical discomfort to the dog. Although this is just a light shock, your dog may not be comfortable when you make a mistake of rushing the training period. The amount of pain depends on 2 factors: the level of shock you use, the duration and frequency of the current.

Common functions of a bark collar for small dog

Originally developed from the fundamental purpose as a bark deterrent, the use of bark collar has widen for many years. Following are the most widely-used functions of a modern bark collar:

  • Control barking: Bark collar can be a very effective means of controlling unwanted barking. Some collars rely on the barking sound of the dog and the vibration of its vocal cords to create a shock through a transmitter. Without vibration, there could be a “false alarm” created by surrounding noise rather than a real bark. This can be seen as cruel and unnecessary when your dog barks because they are playing with the cat or seeing family members come back home.
  • Containment: This is one of the common use of bark collar which bears no relation to barking. This collar is used with invisible fence (wire buried underground around your house) in order to prevent your little pet from roaming. Whenever the collar approaches the buried wire, it emits an electrical pulse to immediately attract your dog’s attention and stop it exceed the boundary line. This method can also be used inside your house to deter your dog from entering some specific areas. 

  • Behavior modification: Bark collar can be an effective way of conditioning some behaviors of your dog. For instance, it can help to prevent your little dog from chasing other animals (neighbor dogs, cats, squirrel…)  or getting too near dangerous animal like snakes.  Just find out some negative actions of your little friend and start modify those bed behaviors. 

Tips for using bark collar for small dog

  • Find the most approaching method: different dog will respond differently to various stimuli. If your dog is relatively calm, something less than a shock is adequate.
  • Modify your dog gradually: You should start this training program with a short wearing time until the dog gets on well with this collar. Make sure you are looking for a collar with a range of at least 5 setting levels and start with the lowest one.
  • Ensure the collar is comfortable: the smallest and the most lightweight collar receiver will be prioritized as we are taking about your small-sized dog. You should be sure that your little dog feels comfortable, especially if it is worn all the time. In fact, no collar will work if the dog will not willingly tolerate its use.
  • Not appropriate for all canines: If your dog has a habit of chewing objects, electrical bark collar is not a wise option as it can pose some levels of safety risk to the dog itself and its owner. However, if you put the collar correctly onto your dog, this may not be a concern issue.

If you are finding an anti-barking collar for your little dog that performs well and look awesome, you should have a look at these models which are available at Amazon.

#1. Petiner Advanced No Bark Dog Training Shock Control Collar with 7 Levels Sensitivity Control

Petiner is a leading brand in the industry of pet product. This product is designed with 7 distinct levels of warning tones and shock corrections, each level lasts 30 seconds of the previous park. Once the dog stops barking, the collar itself resets to the lowest level. The process will start over when the dog barks again.

An added safety feature is that the collar will automatically shut off for 3 minutes if your dog incessantly barking 15 times (or more) within 50 seconds. Please notice that this Petiner collar is recommended for dogs ranging from 2.5 to 45 kilos. It is extremely lightweight no matter how small your dog is, which is not too bulky for any smaller breeds to wear on daily basis. This product comes with a receiver, an operating manual and a replaceable 6-volt battery.


  • This collar is not waterproof, therefore you should not put this on your dog while he plays near the pool or under rain.
  • The effectiveness of this collar relies on how stubborn your dog is. Some dogs modify their bad behaviors after very few times, while the more stubborn ones requires more practice.
  • Do not wear this bark collar on your dog all the time.
  • Battery may last for a week.

#2. Advanced Anti – Bark Dog Collar Training System

This product is another option of effective anti-barking method by sending harmless warning sound and shock to your dog whenever it barks. There are 7 levels of correction (each lasts 30 seconds) which increase gradually until the dog stops. If the stimulus reaches 7 levels, the collar will stop working for 1 minutes and reset itself to protect your dog.

This collar is suits well with the dog from 7 to 54 kilos, then you should consider carefully before choosing this for your puppy, especial below 4 kilos. The collar comes with a test light and 2 electrodes (long and short) in the package. You need to contact the electrodes on the collar and the wires, the blow air into the sensing hole. After your 3rd time to blow, the light will light up and signals that your collar is ready for using.


  • If the collar is too sensitive to your dog, you can press “-“ button to decrease the level of shock.
  • Regular shock can make your dog timid or more aggressive. Thus, have a look on your dog during the training period. Otherwise, consult your veterinarian if you are unsure this product is appropriate for your dog.

#3. Elite Little Dog Bark Control

The Elite nylon webbing collar is designed with nanotechnology, providing a great sense of comfort for your little dog. Moreover, this water-proof collar, with 10 levels of correction, can itself remember the level that made the dog stop barking. The bark collar begins with the lowest level, if excessive barking continues, the correction intensity will increase.

If your dog barks more than 15 times in 90 seconds, a safety time out will shut off the correction for 3 minutes. This collar is super lightweight and small and suitable for your small and medium-sized pets, ranging from 3.5  to 25 kilos. Please check the package with these enclosed items: an adjustable nylon woven collar, a static control device, a RFA-188 3v Lithium battery and an instruction manual.


  • Avoid leaving the collar on the dog for more than 12 hours per day as collar worn too long may cause skin damage.
  • For some special dogs, you need to trim their neck fur to fit the collar.
  • This collar may not be appropriate for over anxious and aggressive dog.
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