Choose the best remote control boats for your family

How to choose a best remote control boats that suits you ?

Remote control boat is no longer a new entertainment for not only children but also adults, especially the ones with a young-like-a-kid heart. As a novice or a hobbyist, you will find no difficulty finding a boat  that fits your interest, demand or aesthetics. For some people, a remote control boat is more than just a toy. A child easily feels enchanted by its real-looking model (if your kids have a dream of becoming a sailor or captain, that is a really meaningful gift), whereas many parents recall their memories during childhood when seeing the boat zipping through water. These days, remote control boat are innovated in order to fit a wider range of playgrounds, from a pond, a lake, a stream, a slow-flowing water to other small and tranquil bodies of water.

There are plenty of requirements that you should strictly follow so as to select the most appropriate remote control boat that meet your needs. Following are some useful suggestions and criteria regarding the speed and appearance of the boat, the ease of use, the accessories, the battery life and even the warranty policy of the manufacturer that should also be taken into account.


    Selecting a remote control boat is largely based on your personal opinion of the boat appearance. It is not hard to find an ornately-detailed boat in the market, or even a colorful one with high intention to detail. Choosing the color of your boat is super important as it will help distinguish your boat with others, in a race I suppose, or sometimes you can easily spot your boat from a far distance. Moreover, cutting-edge boats come in several varieties, all sorts of shapes with different lengths and body styles.

    It can be a bit frustrating when you cannot properly control your boat just because you are going so fast. In this cases, a super speedy boat does not result in more fun as faster does not mean better. Thus, if your purpose is aiming at entertainment, a good looking boat is a perfect choice. If you want to prepare for a competition, a speedy one does have a certain ring to it.


    There are models of boat for hobbyists of any age, no matter how well you play. Not only is the boat fast and nice-looking, but it is also effortless to put together. At least, your RC boat should be easy enough for your kids to set up and use. Some genres of RC boats are ready to run right out of the box, others require some simple steps to assembles accessories before flipping on the water.


    You should check whether the manufacturer has included parts needed to operate your new RC boat, namely a transmitter, batteries, charger for boat’s battery, propellers, a stand. Some are accompanied with decals to customize your boat. In some cases, you need to order extra hatch tape (about 1 inch wide) or a water-resistant adhesive tape. This may need to seal the hatch and keep water out your boat for one run at a time.


    Batteries are usually included for both your boat and the transmitter. Remember to check this carefully right after delivery. One thing that buyer should keep in mind is the battery capacity. This is expressed using milliamp hours (mAh). You can also check these information in the manual book or tutorials on the internet so as to understand more about terms and figures. The higher mAh, the longer the battery lasts. The battery, in theory, is dying after a couple minutes. Your boat may run much slower and easily capsizes. This depends on the amount of win in the playground and your driving style as well. Our recommendation for you is to use a rechargeable battery, then you do not have to put any money into your boat.


    Most warranty policy lasts 90 days, some last to 2 years. If you use your RC boat nine times out of ten, you should take notice of the components and its quality. Warranty plays good role in eliminating the worry of any unexpected problems. Therefore, if your boat malfunctions, you can be confident that you can get any support you want, providing that they all include a warranty.

Best remote control boats that you trust

In order to help you out in making the right decision, we have listed out some striking models with detailed-orientation.

#1. Udirc Venom 2.4GHz High Speed Remote Control Electric Boat

Udirc Venom RC Electric boat comes to market with its awesome features and is promised to be the best perfect lake toy. It is such a speedboat reaching 25 km/h, getting out of tough spot with ease and jumping the waves at great speed. This model is ready to flip on the water just right out of the box. If you are a novice, you will have a peace in mind as this Udirc Venom RC boat is super easy to use. The remote has trimming and angle control, while the self-righting function is designed to keep your boat in play even if it capsizes. Please notice that you just have a control on your boat within 120 meters and you may loose control when it goes beyond.

The boat is also included with an extra battery, which allows you 10 to 15 minutes per adventure. The charging time requires 100 minutes which USB-rechargeable function, thus be portable and convenient for long journey. The battery life is well-evaluated. When the battery runs down to only 1 minute left to almost out of power, there will be an alarm, long enough for you to retrieve your boat.


  • When the remote is working properly, you will hear a ‘beep’. When the boat is on the water surface, you will hear another 3 beeps.
  • The boat does seem to have some water that gets in. Make sure you dry it properly before putting it on the shelf.


  • The boat is hard to capsize on smooth and calm water. (However, it flips easily in rough water).
  • Rechargeable time is so long, some player may feel disappointed.

#2. RC RMS TITANIC 1:325 R/C BOAT RC SHIP Ready to Run (RTR)

Coming to reality from movies and books, RC RMS Titanic is the simulation of legendary Titanic. This ship in dream is converted to a 1:325 model, which is perfectly for running on water and displaying. Luckily, this model will certainly not have the same end as the original ship did back in 1912.

To see the RMS Titanic cruising elegantly across lakes, ponds,… is an incredible and visual experience, especially at twilight when lights are super gorgeous with the LED illumination system. Moreover, with careful observation, you will see a special deck superstructure combining with ornately-detailed interior and exterior. This product is also included with rechargeable battery. The speed is not rather speedy, around 8 km/h. You should keep an eye on your boat as the limited scope available for controlling is about 50 to 70 meters.


  • Keep the packaging and instruction manual as they contain important information about the battery lifespan or how to tackle some unexpected issues.

#3. TurboTech® High Speed S600 2.4 GHz 4 Channel Remote Control RC Racing Boat

TurboTech® High Speed S600 2.4 GHz 4 Channel Remote Control RC Racing Boat with brand TurboTech is believed to be one of the best categories on the market in year with its high quality and stable performance. You can control it easily with multifunction, namely forward, backward, left, right. Moreover, it is equipped with a built-in water cooling system for safety and for reliable operation. The distinctive feature of this brand is that owner can play 2 boats at the same time, reaching the speed of 32 km/h within 150m of control. There are safety features which protect both the battery from over-charge and over-discharge. The running time is about 6 minutes, whereas the charging time last much longer, approximately 4 hours. The package includes: a RC boat, a transmitter, a battery, a propeller, a charger, a boat holder, and a bumper.


  • Do not operate too far away or control will be lost.
  • Always check your model for loose screws and components before operating.

#4. Atomik Barbwire 17″ RTR Brushless Electric Self Righting Deep Vee Hull RC Boat

This deep-V RC boat is one of the best-selling boat on the market. The manufacturer knows that power means nothing without control, so they add a full 2.4Ghz radio and receiver for interference free long range operation. This is a small scale boat but features the same good appearance, quality and performance of larger scale boats from Atomik.

The boat is surprisingly fast, up to 40 km/h. Thus, it does not really fit small dimension of a pool. More spacious places bring you more terrific feeling during 20 minutes of operation.  Some little maintenance is required (for instance, propeller shaft lubrication), which is relatively effortless.


  • Do not touch moving parts during operation, especially the propeller. Some of the electronic components may become very hot during use and can severely burn you if touched before they get cool.
  • If you lose control of your model, never wade into the water with strong currents to retrieve it. You should hold the transmitter as high as you can and try to re-establish control.

#5. ToyJoy FT007 2.4G 4-Channel RTR Wireless Power High Speed Remote Control Electric/Motor/radio Racing Boat/ship/vessel with battery/charger/LED lamp Red

This realistic-looking model can zip through the water with the maximum speed of 20 km/h, with the available playtime around 5 to 6 minutes. it also features to move forward, backward, turn left and right easily in lakes, pools, ponds and other outdoor water playground. Moreover, it is Powered by 370 main motor and functioned by radio remote controller with LED lamp, signaling the moment you need to change battery. The battery requires about 2 hours and a half to prepare for the next journey.

This product comes with a remote control (requires 6 double A batteries – not included), a 7.4V, 800 mAh wall charger/adapter, a boat stand, a 700 mAh Li-ion battery pack and a short manual which you can find tons of useful advice.


  • Recommend this to 12 years and older. Even a 10-year-old kid is probably pushing it unless they have RC experience.


  • It requires a spacious area as it cannot be controlled well in a limited area.
  • Can be affected or diverted by waves.

#6. German Bismarck Military Battleship 1/360 RC 28″ Warship R/C Cruiser

With so many RC boat available these days, it is good to have a name you can trust. The German Bismarck Military Battleship 1/360 RC 28″ Warship R/C Cruiser is certainly the one for you. In fact, it is more like a scale model than just simply a toy in appearance. The level of details may surprise players with Glossy exterior paint and sophisticated design. With full function radio control warship, the boat runs really well forward, reverse, then left and right. The speed can reach up to 16 km/h within the limited distance of 35 meters to control. It is best to run in lakes, rivers or big pool. With a pool of 8 meters long, the boat gets from one end to the other in about 3 seconds, then you may find it no more interesting.

This German Bismarck Military Battleship includes the rechargeable batteries for the ship and the 9V battery for the remote control. After an hour and 10 minutes long of charging, your boat is ready for the next voyage. In short, this is a R/C ship that is way beyond expectations for the price.


  • There is no steering trim adjustment, so it may not run in a real straight line.
  • You should get any water that seeps in the boat out or the motors will rust up very quickly.
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