Common Mistakes When We Use Sunscreen

Our skin has a vital role in protecting our body, so we must take a good care of it in order to keep it healthy. It’s not a complicated thing or time-consuming to take care of your skin, but you have to respect some steps, so it can become easier for you to accomplish. A vital product, that you should always have around, is the sunscreen. It is important to know that we have to use sunscreen no matter what the season or the weather.

Protect yourself from the sun

A long sun exposure can cause premature wrinkles, age spots or skin problems, as well as skin cancer. Even if you enjoy so much the sun and you like to have a nice tan, you should have a limit when going to the beach or to the pool, because if you expose too much, it might cause you big health problems. You need to use a proper sunscreen for your skin, without skipping your face and your neck. But do you really use your sunscreen correctly?

Wrong way to use sunscreen

We often make big mistakes about skin protection. Even if we use sunscreen, we also need to know if we use it correctly. The most common mistakes we do lead our skin to serious damages. When you apply your sunscreen, you don’t cover your entire body leaving small, uncovered parts or even large ones. Experts say that every inch of exposed skin must have sunscreen every single day and unprotected skin could make skin getting darker. A sunburn eventually will cause redness and pain.

You don’t reapply sunscreen

Reapplying sunscreen is vital! If you apply it just once, it’s absolutely useless. Even if your sunscreen is water resist, whenever you get out of the water or use the towel to wipe your skin, you must reapply sunscreen all over again. If you stay away from water, you must put sunscreen again after maximum 2 hours.

Change your sunscreen every year

If you have been using the same sunscreen bottle for the past 2 summers, you should know it was totally wrong. Expiration date is very important for the lotion, because the ingredients don’t have the same effect year after year. Also exposing the sunscreen bottle to hot temperatures could deteriorate the active ingredients.

You only dab your skin

Using sunscreen also means using the correct amount. If you just dab your skin with some sunscreen, it won’t protect you at all. Experts suggested that there is no thing like too much when it comes to sunscreen. You have to apply it as much as you can massage it on your skin eventually. If you are stingy with the application, avoiding your face, neck and even ears, and you don’t use the right amount, you are more likely to get a serious sunburn and skin damage.

We should know everything about our body and what is harmful for the skin. Everything affects or helps the health of our skin, from what we wear to what lotion we use, our skin depends on us.

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