Early morning health tips

Imagine a day your alarm clock were dead silent, then you rushed out of your bed, barely showered and headed out of the door without notice anything. I bet no one would ever expect to begin a new day like this. The importance of early morning has long been proven by scientists, which determines people’s mood during the rest of the day. As a result, morning time is beneficial for those who are aiming at making their health better. In fact, plenty of people choose to jump start their day with various kinds of activities that strengthen their health status.

And of course, oversleep should be crossed out of these health-friendly activities. Presented in this article are some tips that enable you to design a morning routine and improve your health to the maximum. These tips somehow are not complicated to perform. However, the benefits that they bring to you are enormous.

Stay away from electrical devices

Many people are now condemned with smart phone addition. They browse webs for hours before bedtime and get up sticking their nose on Facebook, Tweeter, etc. Not to mention the  harmful aspects of this device to your mental health, your eyes are directly affected because they are most sensible at the moment before and after sleep.

Moreover, electronic wave from mobile phones strongly affects brain’s functions if it is put so close to human body. They are among the reasons why people are advised to stay away from smart phones around their bedtime and the fact that not using mobile phone provides you more time to do many other useful activities, like reading, meditating or doing some simple exercises. They will bring more joy to your day, improve your health and broaden your knowledge.


As mentioned in the previous parts, exercising in the morning is the most simple and effective way that keeps you healthy. Based on your personal needs, you should choose the right exercises that most suit you and your time. In this case, you can visit this website to design a plan of doing exercises in the morning:

There are numerous forms and practices for morning exercise, from the simple forms of moving your body to more complex means of workout at gym. In general, by doing early physical activities, you are clearing your mind, providing more oxygen to your brain and, consequently, your body feels better. In some days when you feel unease, morning exercise also helps you regain your energy to combat with illness and anxiety. Sometimes sweating in the morning is more helpful than using medicine.

Morning ritual – Positive thought / energy

Another way to begin your day is to feel appreciation and gratitude. Well, thinking about the people you love, and being thankful for a meaningful moment in your life can help you release depression and anxiety. A broad smile in front of your mirror might sound silly, but what it brings to you is enormous than ever. Not only that, you should recall positive things around you, whatever that can make you smile. Actually, this will help to shine your way and reinforce happiness and possibility as well.

These actions are built on the ground of The Law of Attraction and the strength of your thought, as you will attract what you think about. Then, make morning ritual as an essential part of your day.


This ancient remedy has long been applied by people for ages as a means of mental treatment. In a world filled with mundane, meditation is one of the best methods that helps people slow down their living speed, think more carefully and alleviate the burden of stress. Therefore, meditation is an evitable activity for you if you want to improve your health.

In fact, a day with 2 times of meditation – one at night and the other in the early morning – helps to reflect yourself and refresh your mind. Choose a good place with fresh air, dress comfortably and sit still for a couple of minutes. Try to understand your breath, control your exhale and inhale rhythm. That’s it. When you get on well with staying immobile, you can meditate much longer and, of course, you will gain more time to be with yourself.


No matter how busy you are, you should take time to enjoy your breakfast. Among the tips listed in this article, having breakfast is most strongly recommended. There are myriads of reasons from health experts to prove the essential benefits of breakfast to your health and your day. Breakfast fills up your empty stomach after a long night and delivers large proportion of energy to your whole day.

Therefore, you should carefully prepare a wholesome breakfast for yourself and your family. In case you are limited with time, then a mild breakfast with starchy food and a cup of milk is also a good choice.


What you choose to drink in the morning is as important as what you decide to eat. Some people advise that a glass of warm water can do a very good job to refresh your body. Others suggest lemonade (without sugar) is better for your health thanks to the nutrition of lemon. You should avoid beverage with gas and sugar after waking up if you don’t want to suffer from obesity or stomachache. Avoid being dehydrated in the morning, especially when you engage in physical activities.


A morning without doing anything but sleep seems to be wasteful to people. Needless to say, the benefits of waking up before dawn have been proven by scientists and health experts. No matter what kinds of activities you choose, you should consider your current needs prior to curling up your sleeves. For instance, the one suffer from weight issues should consider the option of morning exercise and nutrition. Or if one is under pressure of life and work, a morning with morning meditation or early ritual can help a lot to release negative feelings.