Efficient and natural ways to lower triglycerides

Have you ever heard the term “Triglycerides”? If not, this article is definitely useful for you. Actually, any issues relating to our health really need to be concerned, and triglycerides is no exception. Throughout the article, you will gain more knowledge of triglycerides, what is it, how can it affect our body and more importantly, how to lower triglycerides. Now, let’s your journey started which the name “Triglycerides”….


1. Overview

A bulb, or a light operates based on the principle of electric current. Let’s apply this notion to the function of human body, and the source of energy we use is called calorie. In scientific terms, calorie is described as the unit of human energy which is absorbed through our daily diet. After that, this input calorie is partly changed into energy thanks to the chemicals transformation process. The remaining calorie, which does not need to use, is transferred to a substance called TRIGLYCERIDE.

If your body absorbs more calorie than you can burn, triglyceride will be stored in lipid droplets of fat cells and wait to be metabolized. On the other hand, a small amount of triglyceride comes from your liver, which is a type of fat (lipid) found in your blood. However, you should bear in mind that the more triglyceride to be kept, the more dangerous it may cause to human health.

2. Who should care about high level of Triglycerides

Actually, triglyceride is the case that everyone should take notice. However, if you appear in one of the cases below, you have to be more concern:

  • People who are overweight or obesity store a high level of fat and nutrition in their body and are most likely petrified of triglyceride level.

  • Women during pregnancy require more nutritious substances and sometimes use replacement therapy. Therefore, the level of triglyceride of their body might not be stable and pregnant women should have their blood tested regularly.

  • People who develop heart diseases (usually after the age of 50) are prone to high level of triglycerides as well.

3. The danger of high level of triglyceride

If your triglyceride becomes so high, then your body stores it as fat. The density of triglycerides in your blood vessels might harden the arteries and thicken the artery walls. This fat flows freely in your bloodstream and might create the risk of clogged arteries, heart attack, high blood sugar, stroke and even diabetes. Moreover, high level of triglycerides has bad influence on your metabolic system as it lowers the presence of HDL good cholesterol and causes high blood pressure and abnormal cholesterol level, covers too much fat around people’s waist.

Unfortunately, there is no overt symptom that indicates your triglyceride problems. From a medical perspective, a regular of annual check might help to diagnose the level of your overall health and also triglyceride. Just have your blood tested and the doctor will determine the triglyceride level based on the below reference range (mg/dL):

 Normal  less than 150 mg/dL
 Borderline-high  150 – 199 mg/dL
 High  200 – 499 mg/dL
 Extremely high  500 mg/dL or higher


If you are healthy, you will be advised to perform a blood test every 5 years in order to keep track of your level of cholesterol and triglycerides. Generally, the test aims at measuring your overall cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and triglycerides. You should remember not to eat or drink (except mineral water) about 8 or 12 hours prior to the blood test. A full stomach may give falsified results as intake food will change your triglyceride level.

An artery clogged with plaque

Sometimes, more frequent tests might be needed if you are at high risk of heart attack. Besides, the test also reveals whether there are any related health problems like kidney disease, diabetes and obesity.

4. Triglyceride versus Cholesterol

From this moment, you should not confuse triglycerides with cholesterol. In short, triglyceride is the stored unused cells and provides body with energy, while cholesterol is the substance that builds cells and certain hormones. Although existing under 2 separated types of lipids, triglyceride and cholesterol are created by our body and the food we eat. They cannot be dissolved and both circulate in bloodstream.

Reasons of high level triglycerides

When you understand the principle of triglycerides, the reason of its high level has no longer hidden in the mist. Your body burns calories to synthesize energy. The unused calories, then, accumulates in your blood. That means, if you absorb much more calories than you can burn, it will be stored. The more triglycerides to be kept, the more likely you will suffer from high triglycerides.

Therefore, if your number of triglyceride exceeds normal line, you should take into consideration these 2 main causes: your diet and your lifestyle. The sedentary lifestyle and poor diet are principle reasons that lead to high cholesterol level and heart diseases.

1. Eating habit

Needless to say, you should care more about your daily diet. In a nutritional sense, if you consume too much fatty acid, high saturated fat, sugary food or unhealthy substances, then your body cannot burn them all and the remaining is stored as exceeded triglycerides. In sum, fat food and sugary beverage are among the 2 most common root causes.

2. Lifestyle

People are less physically active than ever before. In a mundane world of work, people tend to sit in front of computer screens for hours and come back home with fatigue and stress. Therefore, it is likelihood that on-the-go people are fond of fast food to save time so as to spend a long day at work. Moreover, exercises are not pleasant experience for some. Once again, you should notice that: Less body movements leads to less calories burnt.

How to lower Triglycerides

Until now, you have pictured some primary cause of high triglycerides. Besides the causes that we cannot prevent like your age or pregnancy, other factors relating to food intake or exercise can be kept under control. In fact, your healthy diet choice and exercises are much more important than taking medicine as a means of treatment. Just make amendment of your diet and daily activities, then your triglycerides will be lowered naturally.

Following are some simple methods which not only help you lower triglycerides level but they also guide you to a good state of health.

Diet to lower triglycerides

1. Say no to sugar

Simple sugar can be easily absorbed, thus it might easily raise your triglycerides. Sweet drink like soda and sweet food in this list: candy, cereals, flavored yogurt, ice scream, etc… are high in added sugar and fructose. To lower triglycerides we have a solution is super clear: consuming less sugar partly alleviates the likelihood of triglyceride level. Moreover, you should serve your daily diet with food that is rich in nutrients or antioxidants.

2. Consume the right fat

It is a misconception to perceive that fat is not healthy for human body. Too much fat in your meals is inadvisable, but a little fat is good.

There are lots of sources that naturally contain fat: avocados, walnuts, chicken without the skin, canola oil, olive oil, etc. These are vital fat in the construction of your cell. However, trans fat found in French fries, crackers, cakes, chips, stick margarine,…is proven to be a potential threat to your overall health if you consume these food on a daily basis. You should remember not to eat much saturated fat in red meat, ice cream, cheese, buttery baked goods…

3. Choose Fish – OMEGA 3 Fats

Omega-3s is not only good for your heart but this nutrition is believed to lower your triglycerides level. Salmon, mackerel, herring, lake trout, albacore tuna, sardines, etc. are listed as leading natural source of omega-3s. Other sources of Omega-3s go to this vegetable list: Walnuts, Spinach, Kale, Brussels sprouts, salad green, beans, etc. From now on, you should choose fish or vegetable instead of devouring a burger or a steak. In order to reap the most of omega-3s benefits, you should consume this nutrition at least twice every week.

However, for those who do not have enough of food to get the right amount of omega-3s, capsules with EPA and DHA can solve this problem right away. One striking thing to bear in mind is that not everyone is very pleasant with capsules. It is too dangerous as high doses of omega-3s might cause bleeding in some people and too much of omega-3s can interfere with your blood clotting ability. Thus, you should consult your private doctor if you are thinking of taking these capsules as omega-3s supplement.

4. Focus on fiber

Instead of consuming sugar and other refined carbohydrates, focus on more fiber-rich foods, such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains. From a nutritious perspective, increasing fiber intake is a must if you hope to balance your triglyceride level. Food rich in fiber slow down your digestion and help you feel full longer.

Food which is abundant in fiber can be listed as steel-cut oats with berries, salad with veggies, garbanzo beans, brown rice, etc. Fiber can also be found in supplements, however you should be careful to choose this option and carefully follow the manufacturer’s dosing instruction. From now on, it’s time to build your own plant-based diet to lower triglycerides.

5. Stay away from alcohol

No one can deny the detrimental effects that alcohol brings to our health. Believe it or not, some alcoholic drinks like wine, beer, cocktail, etc. are also major factors that inch up your triglycerides level. Alcohol is high in the type of carbohydrates that your body converts to triglycerides. Moreover, alcoholic drink also affects your liver and interferes in your process of metabolizing fat.

In case you cannot say no to these enchanted drinks, try to make friends with other healthy drinks like a glass of sparkling water with a squeeze of lime juice or a cup of tangy herbal iced-tea blend without added sugar.

Other methods to lower triglycerides

1. Lose weight

As being mentioned earlier, people with excess weight are prone to elevated triglycerides. Actually, the percentage of high triglycerides amongst the obese is much higher than triglycerides of normal people. If you are carrying a bulky body with extra fat around your waist, you should first take this advice into account. According to scientists, losing 10% of total body weight might help you lower 20% of triglycerides.

A strict control of your weight is a must if you dream of losing some weights. Actually, your eating habit fails to be tracked seriously, then it becomes out of control. As the result, you eat whenever you feel a sense of hunger. Recognizing this root cause rings an alarm to your consciousness: record what you consume every day. In order to achieve the best result, you should require some specialized devices, like a fitness tracker or whatever that you can trust. For more information about the right equipment, you should visit here:

2. Workouts

Regular exercise is vital to everyone especially for those who are experiencing high level of triglycerides. From a medical perspective, working out regularly might get you in good shape and helps you lower triglycerides. From moderate to high intensity exercise might lower the proportion of triglycerides up to 10 – 20%. For some people, regular physical activities of at least 30 minutes every day can help them cut off even 20 – 30% of triglycerides if they follow these exercises 5 days a week.

If you are new to exercise, try a dance class, go for a swim, or take brisk walks each day wherever you can. The ultimate purposes of this advice are to help you stay away from your sedentary lifestyle and make you move your body by building an active routine on a daily basis. In order to consult some simple methods to be more active in life, you should visit here:

Bottom line

Your health is a precious treasure that you should protect. Any issues about your health, even the tiniest one, are worth to be seriously care, and your level of triglycerides is no exception. Throughout this article, the concept of elevated triglycerides and its affects to human health are clearly presented. There are no obvious causes than your diet and lifestyle, although medication might help a lot. From scientific point of view, what comes from nature is better.

Therefore, if you are suffering from high level of triglycerides and want to lower triglycerides, try to moderate your diet and incorporate with exercises, first to improve your overall health, then your triglycerides will be lowered naturally.