Flying high with Best remote control planes for sale

Have your ever thought of conquering the sky when you were a child (and you are still dreaming when reading this article?)? Do you think of an awesome gift for your little boy in his 10th birthday? Have you (and your kids) been in the mood to go to fly a kite and discovered that there was no wind, even a breeze.

If yes for all, it’s time to soar through the sky and evoke your enthusiasm with this cutting-edge era of toy: the Remote control planes, the right plane both for kids and for parents who wants to enjoy the terrific family time altogether. You can imagine all fun of a kite, combined with an airplane. It’s insanely amazing.

Genres of best remote control planes for sale for everyone…

It is all about having fun and there is no more fun than flying your plane so high until it is a speck against the blue sky. In reality, not only masters of RC plane, but beginners or intermediate pilots can perform beautifully at an air show after some days of self-training.

There are plenty of models designed for amateurs with effortless assembly process and super easy to control. Some are flying well in small areas, for instance in a park, tennis court and soccer field, which also give you smoother flights and better landing if you are a beginner enthusiast. With the more up-to-date technology, you can attach a miniature wireless video camera to your plane, which allows you to take aerial shots while up in the air.

Following the habit of flying and displaying stands out to be some planes which are sophisticatedly modeled after real life planes from around the world. These simulations are specially for experienced collectors or masters of piloting since beginners will find it hard to control because of their bulky appearance or complex operational instructions. In short, you should base on your demand and flying experience to choose most appropriate plane for joy.

… and useful tips for starters

The problem most people are facing is trying to choose an obvious overall winner in the market, rather than choosing the best remote control planes for their purposes. If you are new to the hobby, you will reap the most benefits from these following hands-on suggestions:

  • Airplane’s performance

    It is advisable for you (in your first flight) to choose a plane that is either slow or stable, or both. Of course, it can be a bit frustrating with your first time flying a plane but remember that more fancy flying will come after you have master the basic.

  • Assembly

    There are models which are ready to fly within minutes after opening the box. However, it occurs to a newbie that he has to recognize some parts of a plane model before winding up the engine. Therefore, you should manually build your plane from the ground up so that it will be easier to repair just in case something goes wrong. In this case, a training manual will come in handy.

  • Crash assistant

    Apparently it is difficult to take your plane off from a grass runway without making your head spin. When you first begin to fly a plane, you are doing to crash at least once or twice, probably more for sure. As a consequence, some starters are thinking of crash assistants, which are not usually enclosed and seem to be heavier than normal planes in terms of focusing on flying.

  • Costs and appearance

    In the above introduction, there are various models appearing to meet the needs of various controllers. Thus, their price will vary and you should look at your wallet before choosing one. In fact, we are wary of flying planes of which price is far beyond our expectation, simply for our peace of mind. Therefore, choosing a cheap and ugly trainer airplane is a wise choice. For your information, several planes stand out with distinctive features, but appearance should be considered after we check out the fact of how long your plane could safely stay in the air.

We have listed some popular models with detailed description, which help you get the best out of the various RC planes options. Regardless of what you are looking for, there is certain to be the perfect remote control plane out there for you.

#1. UMX Radian BNF

The UMX Radian BNF is promised to provide an amazingly calm flight experience ever. With the use of 3-channel control simplicity combined with a nice strong carbon fiber spar, your UMX sailplane is super easy flying and friendly soaring. It’s size can appeal the first sight of beginners on account of its molded-foam construction (which reduces it weight to practically nothing) of a super small plane. After minutes of opening the box, this model is ready to spread its 24-inches wingspan and soar its 18-inch-in-length fuselage to the sky.

Especially, an one-piece wing can be easily removed and stored in the handle-equipped box. For maximum glide efficiency, the ESC is specially programmed to work with the folding propeller so it opens quickly and folds back to streamline the airframe. If you’re interested in gliders and only have a small place to fly, this is a great option. With UMX tiny design, you will find no difficulty to stick it in the car, to find an air playground or even to have a blast.

For windy day, you can fly in a large indoor area without worrying of unexpected crash. However, you should practice more so as to hold up well while flying in a wind. No matter how stable it is, it will get tossed around in rough heavy wind and under other effects of turbulence.

The enclosed battery allows your plane stay in the air for up to 20 minutes, which needs just less than 30 minutes of charging. You should buy a bunch of extra batteries (which are at very low-priced), so you can fly for as long as you want.


  • For starter, this product is appropriate for players of 14 years old or older. With experienced youngsters, it is fine.
  • Strong wind may puzzle for beginners in the first flight.

#2. HobbyZone Duet RTF Airplane HBZ5300

Are you ready to explore the limitless airspace with this HobbyZone Duet RTF? Within a few seconds, you can be 100 feet in the air. However, the included 3-channel radio works just fine, but it is not a “long range” model, so don’t let your plane get too far away (300 feet limited). The 3-channel control is sure to liven up your life and playtime as it allow you to have complete control over climb, steering, and throttle. Players are also interest in the rudderless, twin engine steering control and the light weight foam construction. The plane self-stabilizes itself via the propellers.

Constructed of lightweight materials, quiet and efficient power system, this model should only be flown in minimal wind, while 0 mph would be best, certainly only fly in less than 5 mph. The theoretical battery lifespan is about 15 minutes (this can be lesser in the condition of wind). When the battery is getting low on power the motors will pulsate as it flies over head. You will hear this sound. When that happens, you are almost out of power and you need to land immediately. Our suggestion is that 180mah batteries give you longer flight times. Thus, get some spare batteries, 2 or 4 is necessary for longer moment of joy.

It seems that many people think it is too fragile (it is made out of Styrofoam) and/or that it is too hard to control (in the wind). These issues are common for those not familiar with RC planes. It has to be very light weight for starters. There are absolutely many heavier planes out there, but they will require heavier motors and batteries (or fuel), thus they must fly faster, and when you crash those, they smash to pieces and the destruction is worse and far more expensive than this plane. A bit of clear plastic tape is good for a repair here as this model removes all the complexity.


  • Sometimes it’s difficult to tell which direction the plane was flying. A couple times I lost visual contact with the plane for a second. The most difficult part is when the plane is several hundred feet away from you, it can be sweaty to get the plane to fly back against the wind.
  • Try going out at dawn or dusk when the wind is often still. It’s hard to learn to fly in the wind and you’re more likely to crash.

#3. Top Race Airhawk TR-P29 2 Channel Outdoor RC Airplane

This Airhawk TR-P29 can make a great gift from amateurs to experts as the amazing look makes this plane realistic in the air. With Styrofoam made, this model is extremely lightweight (just more than 500 kilograms) and speedy. The real measurement is respectively 12 inch, 2.5 and 13 inch in length, height and wingspan.  Moreover, the lights on the bottom of the wings make the whole plane more attractive when flying in the late evening.

The airplane itself gets charged through a USB charging port and the hand controller requires 4 AA batteries with a small screwdriver to install. There are also an extra set of propellers included. The available time for the plane fly up in the sky is approximately 14 minutes and it takes about 30 minutes to fully charge up.


  • A light breeze can affect the way it flies. ( lightweight planes always face this matter).
  • Low battery can cause nosedive or unexpected plane crash.
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