Health boost – Bite sized fitness fact

Quality & Quantity

We all know that, as regular runners, we need more sleep and we should aim for at least seven hours every night. It’s not just about how much sleep you get, but how many times you wake during the night, as poor quality sleep can also affect our energy levels, too. If you aren’t sleeping well, then think about what you may be doing during the day that affects your sleep.

” Reducing your alcohol intake by just one unit a day could see you losing 13 pounds of fat over the course of a single year. “

According to wellbeing company, The Tonic (, common sleep robbers are caffeine, sweet snacks, alcohol, overeating, Inactivity and frequent moments of stress. We can’t always reduce stress but not drinking caffeine after 3pm and improving your diet in general (i.e cutting out the junk!) can help improve sleep quality.

Healthy minds think alike

” Completing 10,000 steps a day will add up to 1659 miles a year which is the equivalent of walking more than 63 marathons! “If you’re serious about getting fit, you’ll increase your chances of success if you can persuade your partner to be active as well. A study by The University College London team selected more than 3700 men and women who were cohabiting who had unhealthy behaviours like smoking, not exercising or being overweight, and tracked their behaviour over four years. The study showed that when one partner began to make healthy changes, the other was more likely to make a healthy change too.

Caffeine may be good for you

” Cutting back on one tall latte a day for a year will result in avoiding 8.8 pounds of fat and 1277.5 teaspoons of sugar (which could be converted to 5.8 pounds of body fat)! “A new study claims that drinking four cups of coffee daily could keep skin cancer away. The study, conducted by researchers at the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Yale School of Public Health at Yale University, was published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.
Last year, it was also reported In Medical News Today that coffee consumption was linked with a reduced risk of death from liver cirrhosis, lower risk of Type 2 diabetes and a reduced risk of tinnitus. Just remember to moderate your intake.

Unhealthy risks

Shift workers face an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes, according to a study published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. The study  showed that in particular those who are working rotating shifts face an increased risk of up to 42 per cent. Why? Shifts make it harder for workers to maintain a regular sleep-wake cycle, which negatively affects sleep quality and potentially weakens insulin resistance.

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