How to build a good diet plan

Can you remember how many times in your life that you spend on moaning about your weight and appearance? It is a common place when people ignore their goals as quickly as when they set them up, and for sure diet plan is no exception.

This article is aiming at the core things that prevent you from reaching a slim body and also provides informative techniques for you to maintain a strong motivation. These tips are designed to help you create a good diet plan.

1. Spend some times to figure out the reasons why you are incessantly and unconsciously gaining weight, little by little but surely blow your mind in the long run

Following are principals reasons that may make you obsess with the scale and mirror:

The intakes

What you eat mostly determine what you look like. Let’s ask an obesity man and prepare to be astonished with his daily foods. When you are on a diet, you should do lots of research about every single thing you eat to find out how many calories they provide. Then, figure out how many calories you need per day in order to lose weight. Finally, do some simple calculation.

Start composing your own recipe every day and try to make your meal diversified. Eating the same thing day after day may cause a shortage of nutrition.

Sedentary lifestyle

Watching television, sitting in front of computer screen, or lying idly are common habits of people nowadays. In fact, the proportion of overweight in big city is much higher than that of rural areas because most city dwellers are prone to technology and suffer from the fear of moving around. Let’s say how many people want to do exercise after a long day at work. In this case, a soft sofa or warm blanket sound more reasonable. However, keep those feeling away because YOU ARE ON A DIET. Then, have a walk around your neighbor and remember not to do anything so hard.


Stress is one of the main factors making you eat unconsciously.You want to create the feeling of calm and mindfulness by using food as a kind of stress-killer. Eating makes people feel happier whether they are hungry or not. There are emotional aspects that eating can trip you up. It is not uncommon that there are more people who do not eat simply to satisfy hunger. In these cases, foods are turned to comfort or relieve stress – which can ruin your effort of losing weight.

A good news is that there are more ways to cheer you up besides finding something to chew. Have you ever try meditation or yoga? If not, let’s start and wait for the miracle.

2. Set up your own principles and good diet plan

Repeat your mantra after getting up as a morning ritual, something like “I must lose weight”, “slim is perfect” or “I am having a good diet plan”. You can add some melodies to make a catchy song and sing whenever you are about to bite a piece of chocolate. You should notice that a usual can of coke can destroy the effort you have made. Then, stay motivated by all means and use that motivation to deal with cravings.

Energy in and out

The 2 main ingredients in the losing-weight recipe are the control of energy in and out.

Limit the energy in by reducing the number of calories you absorb every day, then increase physical activities which also let of the energy.

For survival and maintaining body functions, men and women need 2500 and 2200 calories respectively. For a week of losing one pound, you should reduce your daily intake by 500 to 750 calories. Please also bear in mind that the desire of getting too quickly can lead to severe consequence. Therefore, unless you are motivated by a doctor, you should not use very low calories diet of fewer than 800 calories.

3. How to stay on tract

It can be a mental battle to stick to your set-up plan when it comes to diet. You can easily create a schedule, but maintaining and repeating it is the key to open the door. In reality, the 2 main evils that kick you out of your goal are habits and cravings.


In order to get accustom to a new habit, one needs at least a week or two. The very first week seems to be the most difficult one as you are in the beginning of abandoning your usual routine. Therefore, be prepare for challenges and temptations that can appear from the kitchen to the fridge. My advice is to prepare everything for the next day, then whenever you want to eat, follow what you have noted down.


When it comes to cravings, it is a different story. My strong advice for you is that you should take a photo of yourself that shows every angle of your body (things that make a nightmare) and stare at it whenever you want to grab some food. Hanging a picture of your ideal outlook is also a means of motivation and maybe tears of joy will drop when you think what you are going to look like in the next few weeks. Battle with your mind is no easy task, then try as many methods as you can to cheat it.

Cheat ?!?

Here you are! Another way to keep you away from starving is thinking about a cheat meal. And this is how it works. Cheat meal should be scheduled on every Saturday (or Sunday). This is a chance to release all the deprivation you have to suffer during the week.

In weekdays, think about a luxurious meal of weekend, you must stop thinking about the cake your mom has just put in the fridge. Yes, get away from the kitchen and run as far as you can to get back on the dieting track. Deeply concentrating on the cheat meal to come, and for sure you can have anything you want in that privilege meal. This cheat meal does not ruin your good diet plan if you can totally control your craving.