How to make skin underarms more smooth white

Our skin is daily exposed to various elements which affect its color, texture and health. We have to be careful what kind of clothes we wear, how much time we expose to the sun and what products we use for our skin. Underarms represent one of our sensitive parts of the body which we have we shave, keep hydrated and keep it away from irritations and redness.

Why is the skin in this area so sensitive?

The area of your armpits has many different nerves and lymph nodes. This skin is also thinner than other parts of your body so it gets more sensitive. A lot of people have this skin so sensitive, that they can’t even use deodorant.

Your skin underarms gets darker

When the summer is on and we don’t use so many clothes, we come out with razors, tweezers or hot wax and, of course, skin problems can appear. We can get irritation, red bumps and even folliculitis. The worst case, if you are a beach lover, is when you get a bad irritation and you can’t expose to the sun for a while, cover your skin and even use treatment.

Smooth, soft and lightened

Usually the best remedies are home-made if you don’t want to spend a serious amount of money on professional products. The best product for darker skin is lemon, usually combined with sugar. A soft scrub massage with these two will make your skin softer, will exfoliate and lighten it. A great idea, if you have an aloe vera plant at home, is to take some fresh gel from it and massage the area for 5 minutes, then wash it off with warm water.

Get rid of dark underarms cheap and fast

Don’t forget about oils and butters! Almond, coconut, argan oils or shea butter combined with a soft massage on your underarms area will leave your skin smooth and nourished and, mostly, it will lighten it.

Another cheap solution for your armpits is a fresh potato. Just soak few slices in water for 2-3 minutes, take the slices off and rub your skin for 1-2 minutes. The potatoes have natural bleaching properties and it’s also cheap and fast.

A very helpful product is baking soda. A baking soda and water paste scrub on that area can get whiter armpits really fast.

Things to avoid

Beside remedies, there are things that we should avoid if we want to get rid of dark underarms. Women usually have to avoid shaving and using hair removal creams. Shaving makes the skin darker and tougher and the creams contain chemicals that can darken your skin in time. A sugar home-made wax could be perfect for removing the hair. We should avoid harsh and colored soaps and start using a mild soap that won’t cause dryness.

A very important aspect for this issue is clothing. We don’t wear tight clothes, especially in the summer, because we sweat and it can lead to irritation.

Eat healthy and have a healthy skin

A healthy daily diet could help your skin become more hydrated and healthier. Try to organize your meals and avoid eating fast-food. The food and the water have a heavy impact on your body, including your skin. From your face, to your armpits, your legs and your feet, everything that you eat can be seen on your body.

Finally, women should know that all the remedies have results gradually. Gently exfoliation, finding alternative to shaving or moisturizing your underarms all the time will have results and will keep your skin soft, nourished and white.