Morning workout plan for everyone

Early morning is the one of the best time in a day that people should utilize to begin a day with full of energy. However, it is common amongst people nowadays to spend the whole morning in bed and then wake up with a hope of sleeping more. This is not a very bad habit when you still do exercise on a regular basis.

For those who are always complaining about lacking of time for physical activities, however, dawn is an ideal moment for the very initial movement of your body. But wait, how can people jump out of their beloved bed in a cold day? It seems to be a hectic task, huh? This article aims at helping you designing your plan for a more active morning routine. FIY, being a morning person is worth to strive for.

Place to work out and when?

In this article, we are about to discuss working out in early morning. In fact, morning is the beginning phase of a day, some movements of your body are promised to transmit energy to maintain your activity during the whole day. Some might choose to work out at night. However, the result is not surely proven to be good for your health as working out after a day of stress and hard work does not seem to be appropriate for a number of people.

Try to utilize the space of your apartment or your room. Sometimes, you should go out of your house to enjoy the fresh atmosphere before it is polluted with smoke and noise. If there is a gymnasium, a park or a swimming pool, how lucky you are to work out in such places.

Nutrition for morning workout routine

Here comes to the food and drink that you consume. Enjoy a slight meal with bread or biscuit before working out. Remember not to do anything hard when your stomach is empty because you might suffer from a dizzy. However, being too full prior to exercise might have counter-effective influences on your health. A common syndrome of this case is stitch.

Water is a great source to refresh your mind and body in the early morning. A glass of water followed by 10 times of pushing-up can jump-start your day. Blood circulation is better controlled and the hormones start flowing in the right directions.

Workout program

Here is a fact: no matter how proficient you are, you must have a specific work-out program. This will help you design a broaden prospect of your training period and enable you to make any amendments to your plan if necessary. Actually, physical activities fall into these 4 categories: balance (like standing on 1 foot), endurance (like brisk walking or jogging), flexibility (like Yoga, calf stretch) and strength (like lifting weight, pull ups). If you are a beginner, you should start with workout exercises without complicated equipment. However, remember that no matter what types if exercise you pick, never work out so hard or you might get exhausted easily.

Designing your plan

In order to set up a plan, there are 2 phases you need to complete simultaneously: establishing a new set of health-friendly habits and getting rid of the unhealthy ones.

The main purpose of a morning workout plan is to help you identify some obstacles that lock your path to exercise, then figure out some possible solutions and other motivational sources which strengthen your will. It might sound silly but simply a pen and a piece of paper can support you a lot in this case. Then, are you ready to design your own workout plan?


Before you determine to do morning workout, LEARN HOW TO GET UP EARLY FIRST. In fact, if you have a thought of doing exercise after waking up, you will lessen your chance of rolling out of your bed. Some people have already known the obvious benefits of morning exercises. Nevertheless, they find it uneasy to get rid of their sweat dream and engage in this early morning routine. That is why you should start to get up early to do whatever you like.

Once your biorhythm is getting on well with the morning stuff (sometimes it might take a couple of weeks based on your determination), you then start doing some simple workout program. Remember that during this initial stage, pushing your strength so hard can cause counter-effective outcome.


Do you usually stay up so late for nothing and be tired the next day? Are you regularly drinking alcohol or caffeine before your bedtime? Do you usually have a late night meal? Needless to say, these are three among so many bad habits which have negative impacts on people’s health.

Therefore, if you have any behaviors which are harmful for your health, make the best of your ability to eliminate them one by one. Should you go to bed early and have adequate hours of sleep, getting up early is no longer a hectic mission of you. 


Now, you are at this step. I really hope that you have already followed a new path of getting up early and working out. Then, continuously perform this task day after day and it will root itself into your to-do-list. However, it should be noticed that on your daily process, there are still upcoming events or things happening under control.

You know, life happens and plans are derailed. This process is no different from learning a new language as you might feel depressed or boring in the middle of nowhere. At this time, keep your chin up and repeat many times the reasons why you begin this health-improvement journey. I bet your motivation will come back to you much faster than you have imagined.


Seriously, having someone to exercise together is a wonderful idea, especially those with high spirit of working out. A workout friend can help to alleviate the boredom of exercise-alone, you both can set target to strive for or at least give each other the compliment or encouragement. With a friend, you will shift your mind from a mind-numbing routine to a more meaningful moment of morning workout.


Living in a healthy body is a dream of every one and your daily habit decides how healthy you are during your lifetime. Morning workout is becoming popular amongst those who have a serious concern of their overall health. A simple workout plan will come in handy in which you decide what types of workout to take up, when and where to begin working out, what types of habit should be crossed out and so on. After designing your plan, remember to update it regularly so as to make your workout routine much more interesting.