Review honestly of the ten best action cameras 2017

When you head out for any activity that needs some recording, carrying an action camera with you will be a great idea. There are hundreds of action cameras out there to pick from when looking for the best action camera. Action cameras can be used when kayaking, deep sea diving, bungee jumping, or when doing some outdoor sports activity. The best action camera should be light, mountable, wearable, portable and in some cases waterproof.

In this article, we are going to review the top ten best action cameras that you should consider buying if you are the kind of person who spends time doing outdoor activities. These are among the best action cameras out there with features that make them ideal for shooting when people are in movement. Go through the list carefully and see if there is one that best suits your needs.

GoPro HERO5 Black 


The HERO5 Black is probably the best action GoPro camera out there with features that make it easy to use. It is one of the most powerful GoPro with 4k video and voice control. The touch display and one button simplicity make it one of the easiest GoPro action cameras.

It is waterproof to depths of 10m without using any casing. It is a durable design that gives true value for money. The GoPro HERO 5 Black allows you to preview and play back your shots with ease. Easily change settings and trim your footage to your liking. You can easily upload photos to your GoPro cloud account on your phone for easy access.

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  • 2-Inch touch display: The 12-inch touch display quickly allows you to preview and playback shot. You can easily change the setting and trim the footage on your GoPro to suit what you want. It gives the user to freedom to produce stunning images. The touch screen is a joy to use compared to most action cameras without a touch screen.
  • Rugged and waterproof: The design of the cam is one durable one giving user’s value for their money. It is waterproof to 33 feet (10m) without a case. This simply means you can take stunning videos and shots underwater without damaging your camera.
  • Voice controls: The voice command controls allow you to take photos without actually holding your camera. It is hands-free, and one can use simple voice commands to take photos. “GoPro, take a photo.”
  • Single one button control: The GoPro is one of the easiest cameras to use out there. A single press of the button will power the camera on, and you start taking photos or recording videos right away.
  • Advanced video stabilization: The HERO Black 5 can take very smooth handheld videos through the video stabilization ability. You can also mount it to any gear and still have stunning videos.


  • Video quality is just outstanding
  • A much easier to use interface
  • Excellent voice control
  • Inbuilt screen is great to use


  • Touch screen kills the battery faster
  • The touch screen lags when swiping down

Sony FDRX3000/W 


The Sony FDRX3000/W 4K is one of the best 4K action cameras with high quality and steady action if you want a great outdoor camera. It captures videos with a balanced optical steadyshot delivering high-quality videos that are a joy to watch. There is an optional live-view remote that is sold in a kit version helping users stream a live preview and control the action of the camera. The tough body of the camera ensures it withstands harsh conditions.

It is one of the best waterproof action cameras with the body alone been splash-proof and freeze-proof. It is shockproof and waterproof to depths of 197 feet making it the most reliable action camera underwater.

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  • Ultimate image stabilization: The Balanced Optical SteadyShot image stabilization combined with the exceptional 4K resolution ensures you get steady images. You can easily shoot stable, clear images while in motion.
  • Professional 4K quality: The camera produces high-quality HD and 4k videos that will be a joy to watch. It features the new ZEISS lenses that have fewer distortions than previous models. There is also a built-in wind-noise reduction and mic to reduce the interference from wind.
  • Remote control and viewing: The Live-View Remote allows the users to stream a live preview and control it through a remote. Easily edit and control several camera capabilities from the comfort of your phone.
  • Underwater housing standard gear: The FDRX3000/W comes with a standard underwater housing that allows you to shoot images to depths of 197 feet.


  • Excellent waterproof capabilities
  • Clear shots
  • Intuitive interface
  • Tough and durable


  • The rechargeable battery does not last long hours
  • The underwater housing case is bought separately

DBPOWER EX5000 14MP 2.0-Inch 1080P FHD 


The DBPOWER EX5000 is one camera with exceptional video quality and one you will enjoy carrying with you when on vacation or field trip. It is a versatile action camera with a 2-inch screen that allows you to see images real time. It comes with an inbuilt Anti-shaking function that allows users to shoot videos with the camera on their hands. It gives you more storage memory with a compatible TF card of up to 32GB.

There is an inbuilt Wi-Fi that allows you to connect your camera to your phone. The battery life is excellent with two rechargeable batteries that double your recording time. It is a great value for money and one of the best action cameras on the market.

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  • 2-Inch screen and versatile: The DBPOWER comes with a 2-inch screen that allows users to see images in real time. The Anti-shaking function added to the camera compensates well for the shaking of the hand.
  • High-quality video capture: It is a high-quality action camera with a 14MP Panasonic CMOS sensors. The angle lenses of the camera are 170 degrees wide enabling you to capture a wider view and the surroundings.
  • More memory storage: The GMPOWER action camera comes with a compatible TF card of up to 32 GB for added storage memory. You can capture up to 8 hours of videos in 720p. It is the perfect action camera for surfing, diving, biking, riding, skiing and driving.
  • Increased battery life: The GBPOWER comes with two rechargeable batteries that double the recording time. Rarely will you run out of battery as long as you have the two fully charged?
  • Built-in Wi-Fi: Easily connect your EX5000 camera with your tablet or phone through the inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity and view images from your phone. Down the app on the tablet or phone and connect with the camera and start enjoying viewing your shots from your phone.


  • Waterproof up to 90 feet
  • Two batteries hold up charge well
  • Comes with several included accessories for bike helmets, car mounting and hand gears
  • Image stabilization


  • Image stabilization
  • The LCD screen does not show some of the best image qualities

VTech Kidizoom 


If you have kids then buying them, the VTech Kidizoom action camera will be a great idea for them to capture those great moments when they are playing, cycling or running. The VTech is a durable action camera that comes ready for use. It comes with three mounts allowing the cam to be fitted to bicycles, helmets, and the skateboards. There is a large LCD screen where you can view all the images and videos as you shoot.

This is the perfect toy action camera that is rechargeable and makes for a perfect gift for kids who love spending time outside. The kid’s action camera comes with fun games, frames and filters and fun photo effects for the child to explore their creativity and have fun.

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  • 14-inch LCD screen: The kid’s action camera comes with a 14 inch LCD screen with the ability to take videos and photos as the child watches.
  • 3 Mounts: Three mounts allow the kids to attach the camera to bikes, helmets, and skateboards as they have fun allowing them to capture the fun moments. It comes with a waterproof case that allows them to take photos up to 6 feet underwater.
  • Durable and versatile: The kid’s VTech action camera is durable and one that will last for years. It is waterproof and can take photos underwater to depths of up to 6 feet without damage.
  • Rechargeable battery: It comes with Li-ion rechargeable battery that allows you to shoot for long periods. The battery lasts up to 2.5 hours which is pretty good.


  • Quite easy to use
  • Durable and fun
  • Waterproof to 6 feet deep


  • Image quality is not the best
  • Very little storage space without a card

Lightdow LD4000 1080p HD Sports Action Camera 


The Lightdow LD4000 is another durable and versatile action camera designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is a powerful and fast action camera that captures high-quality images and videos at speeds of up to 30 fps which I think is great.

The Lightdow comes with the Novatek original chip for better quality, vision, and solution making in one of the best action cameras in the market. The camera comes backed with a one year Lightdow warranty free return and replacement for quality related issues.

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  • NOVATEK original chip: The Lightdow LD4000 comes with an NOVATEK original chip that improves the quality of the videos and images. The vision is also greatly improved giving users a great action camera whenever they have any sports or outdoor activities to capture.
  • Durable and waterproof: The Lightdow LD4000 is probably the most durable action camera out there designed to work in extreme environments. It is waterproof to 90 feet or 30m enabling you to capture images underwater.
  • Supports 12MP: The camera supports 12-megapixel shooting and boats of wide angle lens of up 170 degrees. It can capture a great area of view with ease.


  • Quite affordable
  • Excellent for water activities with a good waterproof depths


  • The battery life is poor
  • Image qualities are not so great compared to other action cameras

Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera 


The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 action camera is lightweight, compact, waterproof and easy to use the camera for people with active lifestyles. With GPS data overlays, the Garmin action camera captures 4K videos at speeds of up to 3o fps. It is an excellent action camera with voice controls. Easily command the camera to start and stop. This makes it a hands-free action camera when you need to take those selfies. The LCD and microphone are all great and work well in wet conditions with a case.

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  • LCD Color Touchscreen: The 1.75-inches LCD screen makes shooting a lot easier by allowing you to see what you are recording when shooting. It even works under water with a case making it a versatile action camera to use in water and land.
  • Voice control: The action camera can be given commands to start shooting and stop with ease making it great when you need to take selfies.
  • Live streaming: The camera comes with a One-touch YouTube HD live stream app that allows you to share videos and photos with friends online.
  • Built-in Sensors and GPS: The built-in sensors and GPS easily capture the G-Metrix data allowing you to know how far or high you jumped. It allows you to know how fast you went.


  • The metric match well
  • Video and image quality are great
  • Simple and intuitive
  • Good control and editing tools


  • Touch screen not quite responsive
  • Short battery life

AKASO EK5000 1080p WIFI Sports Action Camera 


The AKASO EK5000 is one the best action cameras on the market with a wide variety of applications. The camera can be used for outdoor sports, extreme sports, cycling, security devices, recording your car when driving, climbing, diving and much more. It is quite versatile and easily mountable making it easy to use. The 170-degree lens angle allows users to record great scenes at a wider angle view. It easily captures transitions allowing you to capture a single photo or time lapse photos.

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  • 2.0 Inch LCD screen: The AKASO action camera comes with a 2-inch inbuilt LCD screen that allows you to view real-time HD videos and images. You can see exactly what you are filming on a clearer screen.
  • Longer battery life: The AKASO action camera comes with two rechargeable batteries that give you double the recording time.
  • HD high-resolution video quality: This is a stunning action camera and can capture 720p and 1080p videos like never before. The 12MP photo allows you to capture great moments in life like never before.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi camera: Easily download the EZ iCam app on your phone and use the built-in Wi-Fi to edit and share photos with ease.
  • 100 feet waterproof: The AKASO camera is waterproof to depths of 100 feet making it quite versatile for taking shots on land and water.


  • Waterproof
  • Controls are fairly easy to use
  • Wi-Fi capability
  • Comes with all mounting accessories


  • You will only shoot videos at 720p when moving fast
  • Battery lasts 1.5 hours when shooting videos

YI 4K Action Camera 


The YI 4K action camera is one of the most advanced action cameras in the market with great features that allow users to take the best shots when in motion. It features a Gorilla impact resistant 2.19-inches LCD screen that allows you to shoot and preview the images and videos with ease. It is one of the best action cameras to shoot high-resolution 1080p and 730p videos and 12M photos.

The camera comes customized with the IMX 377 image sensor and newest Ambarella A9SE75 Chip. There is a further built-in image stabilization that allows you to take great photos when in motion. The high-quality action camera is not just great for shooting photos and videos but a great fashion accessory to carry with you wherever you go.

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  • Integrated LCD Gorilla Glass Touchscreen: The 2.19 gorilla LCD screen resists daily impact and scratches making it quite durable and a good value for money. The over 330ppi high resolution and sensitivity retina ensures you have a wonderful touch experience.
  • Integrated with the world’s leading technologies: The integration of various world leading technologies makes the Yi 4K the best action camera for taking videos and photos even in low light conditions. Some of the integrated technologies include Sony IMX377, Ambarella A9SE75 Chip, Electronic Image Stabilization and seven layers of glass lenses.
  • Rechargeable battery: It comes with 1400AmAh batteries that record up to 12o minutes of 4k/30fps videos. The high cooling system in the YI 4K prevents the camera from heating.
  • Built-in Bluetooth: The built-in Bluetooth enables wireless remote control through other devices like the phone and tablet. You can easily edit the photos through your phone.


  • The build quality is great
  • The screen is quite responsive
  • The battery is long lasting
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Sleek design


  • The waterproofing house is still an accessory
  • Lacks an HDMI output

Campark 4K 30 fps Wi-Fi Ultra HD Waterproof Sports Action Camera 


This is one of the best 1080p action cameras you can find out there for consumers looking for an underwater camera or just a great action camera. It comes with a 2-inch high definition screen for displaying and replaying recorded videos. It comes with everything you need to get started.

There is a helmet mount kit, waterproof case, bicycle mount, and straps. You can easily connect the camera to your computer using a USB cable or simply hook up the camera to your TV through the HDMI port. The Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to connect to your phone or tablet within a range of 10m.

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  • 2-Inch high definition screen: The screen is ideal for previewing all the recorded videos and doing away with the ones you don’t like. The screen displays clear shots of the images taken.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: The action camera can connect to your tablet or phone within a 10m radius allowing you to edit and share photos from your phone or tablet.
  • Sony IMX 179 sensor: The camera has a Sony IMX sensor and will record all your images in a 4K Ultra HD. The wide range of 170 degrees allows you to capture a wide view and the surroundings.
  • Rechargeable batteries: The camera comes with lithium rechargeable batteries that take 2 hours to be fully charged. This can last you up to 90 minutes of full 4K video recording.


  • Quite light
  • Comes with mounts
  • 2 batteries
  • The phone apps work fine


  • Not the best recording quality

TomTom Bandit 4k Action Video Camera 


The TomTom is one of the highest resolution action cameras out there with a very long battery life lasting for up to 3 hours. It is a great sports action camera with inbuilt sensors that detect motion and monitor speed.

The camera nicely rotates and appears on the playback videos proving its performance. You can use the remote control to tag actions as they happen helping you control what interests you only. The camera uses the Bandit app on Android and iOS for instant playback. You easily drag and drop the images for editing and sharing.

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  • Data visualization: The camera shows all your actions in statistics. It works just fine showing you the speed, altitude, and speed of all the videos taken. However, this action is currently limited to iOS.
  • Tagging what you shoot: You can easily use your remote control to tag specific actions as they happen for easier reference afterward.
  • Instant Playback: You can make use of the viewfinder for instant playback. This allows you to quickly preview the video in the app.
  • High video quality and Def-sharing: The high resolution performances of 1080p60 and 720p120 deliver stunning videos. You can easily shoot high-quality videos and share them with easy.


  • High-quality images
  • Great design
  • Waterproof


  • Sensors are limited
  • A bit pricey

The action camera buying guide

Whether you’re cycling, skiing, diving or just showing people how your day went, there is nothing that does it better than a great action camera. Hopefully, you have read and seen some of the best action cameras on the market but what should you consider or look at when buying one:

  • Size and weight: Action cameras are usually mounted on helmets and other equipment and should be of small size. When buying an action camera, go with the lightest and smallest with great features you like.
  • Field of view: The shooting angle of the action camera should be as wider as possible to capture a wider area. Most action cameras have a shooting angle of 160 degrees and above. Always go with a wider action camera.
  • Water resistant and waterproof: Action cameras must be able to withstand a high degree of water depths. Most action cameras are waterproof while others come with a casing. Make sure you choose an action camera with the best waterproof capabilities.
  • Battery life: Battery life is a great consideration when choosing the best action camera as you don’t want to run out of power before you are finished. The longer lasting the battery, the better for you.
  • Mounting options: Some cameras come with mounting accessories while others don’t. Depending on your needs, choose a camera that will not create problems for you when mounting it.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: Does the camera connect to your phone or tablet and allow you to edit images from there? Consider all this and make sure you come out the most effective action camera that best suits your needs.


The above cameras are among the best action cameras on the market currently and will serve people differently depending on their needs. The main thing to consider when buying an action camera is how it will suit your lifestyle. There are hundreds of options to choose from, but most people tend to be influenced by their prices which should not be the case. Look at the features of each camera and what you stand to gain in line with your needs. Consider the price and make a decision based on that.