Reviews of best shock collar for dogs

What is shock collar for dogs and why do people need it?

Have you ever wonder whether there is a simple way to stop your dog behaving aggressively and stubbornly? With human cutting-edge technology, a shock collar for them is the best answer. Unlike usual collar, this genre is equipped with “shock”, yes, I mean shock but not that serious or harmful when you start comparing with electricity shock. This genre of collar was first utilized in 1960s for hunting dogs.

Nowadays, it is used for dealing with bad or annoying behavior of your puppy. Shock collar for dog is controlled by a remote in which you , when setting to shock mode, can find many varying levels of intensity (I am sorry if we are talking about using this collar for your beloved pet, by the way). This does not mean you are harming or punishing your companion. You are becoming a trainer, who can modify his dog’s inappropriate behavior. From the psychological perspective, an action (or a habit) can be altered by adapting appropriate approach. Shock collars, actually, can be considered as a sweet punishment (rather than kicking the dog’s back and see it running away), just like parents tend to yell at their son when he misbehaves. 

Shock collar for dogs apply a light electric current passing through the two electrodes that contact directly to its neck’s skin. The owner can have his choices of the intensive and duration for their dog. On good news is that these actions can be performed far away without your present next to the collar.




The shock is administered to be safe you’re your dog, which ranges from a mild tickling sensation to a painful shock. Meanwhile, this makes sure your dog can recognize its certain actions and choose whether to perform again.  For example, your dog is super aggressive for food and it is always barking for no reason. It’s the right time to get them this nice collar. One interesting thing that I would like to mention is that you can have your verbal order, like “Hey” or “No” performing with the “beep” sound of this collar. The frequency of this combination is inclined to trigger your dog’s memory of getting shocked when you only say those words without pushing any buttons. The result can be seen shortly and the case of more stubborn dogs may take longer.

How many types of shock collar for dogs that we have

Should you are thinking of a best shock collar for dog as the training method for your dog, I recommend you these models which can be found available on Amazon:

#1. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar

This product is designed for training up to 3 dogs at the same time. Moreover, it has a super long 1200 meter range for your outdoor training  with your pet, regardless of how large, medium or small your dog is. The shock levels vary within 10 degrees besides the function of single shocks, or beeps for a safe and efficient usage.

If your dog loves running outside under the rain or enjoys sunbathing in the crystal-clean water at Hawaii, I am sure that the water resistant construction of this collar will definitely cheer you up. Manufacturers provide shock collars dogs can actually swim in and use in all weather conditions all year round. Not only that, you will be pleased with the long lasting battery that can operate without having to constantly recharge. A free e-book will be given for you with helpful advice of using this product and teaching owner how to train their dog pet.

#2. Educator E-Collar Dog Trainer

This model is specially designed for dogs of 20 pounds or larger. Unlike normal shocking collar model, it is more very user-friendly and equipped with stopwatch design transmitter allowing you to keep an eye your pet at all times.

This genre, being more state-of-the-arts, delivers a tapping sensation which makes it more effective to the stimulation. The levels of stimulation is user-selectable and limited to the number of 100.

When you really need to get your dog’s attention, there is an additional boost feature, having its level set between 1 and 60, which provides more distractive stimulation.

#3. Dogtra Hunter 1 Dog Training Collar 280NCP Platinum System

This collar type is such a great choice for mild mannered dogs that do not require a high level of stimulation. You will be surely captured with its reduced-size receiver and an LCD which displays the exact level of stimulation (now be upgraded to 127 levels).

It runs on rechargeable Ni-MH batteries and is promised to be waterproof. In the short run, your little stubborn will change into a brand new highly train animal that walks and obeys every command you give him.

Advantages and Disadvantages of shock collar for dogs


  • Sweet punishment: In reality, this shock collar sounds more reasonable than taking physical actions to your pet or keeping it in the miserable kennel. In other words, you can both have a control on your little property and maintain his freedom at the same time.
  • Come in handy: There are a variety of modes that you can perform with your little accompany. For instance, you can set the vibration mode, or a warning beep before adjusting the shocking levels, or even get it spray, for some reasons.
  • Fast results: Some pets need a few shock to correct their misbehaviors. As a consequence, they will be more conscious when just hearing the “beep” or being vibrated (at this point, there is no shock requirement).
  • Affordability: the price of these collars range from $20 to around $200 according to the functions it possesses. A thing you should bear in mind is that this is not the time to take cheap route since cheap (or fake) collars may have higher shocking level which can injure your pet and usually won’t last so long. You should read the manual carefully before considering working with this man-made trainer.


Sometimes, your animal can get distressed because of this shock collars. That is also the reason of their undesired actions (not to mention the previous misbehaviors). Thus, the owner should avoid abusing and misusing the collar as to bring into play the best purpose of itself.

Shock collars can inflame your dog’s neck and irritate around the rubbing area. That is the reason why you should be cautious not to leave this for so long and remember to clean its neck regularly.

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