Is possible to shoot a Cinematic Vlog with action camera – Tips and tricks

If you have a blog that requires video content, you are likely to wonder which is the best action camera to use as well as some of the tips and tricks for capturing superb videos. Vlogging has been there for quite some time, but it took off well when YouTube launched in 2005 and had become a very popular means of creating content from that moment.

Each and every person have their own reasons for starting their Vlog sites as you can either use them for teaching or demonstrating a product. You can also use it as a way of advertising your business on YouTube. Regardless the reason you have for starting your vlog site the main goal should be producing high quality and useful video content. Here are some of the useful tips and tricks to utilize to achieve this.

Get the best vlog action camera

The first thing to do is to ensure you get a high-quality action camera that is specially made to suit the needs of vlogging. Although it is common knowledge to get a action camera that records high-quality videos, there are some of the interesting features that you may not know that are ideal for vlogging. Here are some of the aspects you need to consider.

When looking for the best vlog action camera, you must ensure that it has the low light performance feature. This feature will help you to take high-quality pictures even in areas that have low light. This feature is not only important during the nighttime but also on foggy days. A action camera that performs well under low light must have a good quality lens that has a wide aperture. Another aspect to look at is the amount of noise it shows at higher ISO. ISO is the camera ability to sense light. A good quality action camera will lift up its ISO capability until the video is clear enough. This means that the lower the light, the higher the ISO. Additionally giving a action camera that has a bigger sensor size means that it has more ability to capture light.

Lastly, we have optical image stabilization. Generally, you will need to record your videos when moving around. This means that you need to have a action camera with good OIS to reduce the chances of having a shaky image.

Sony FDR-X3000 Action Camera is the best optical image stabilization action camera. You can read more review at here

Ace the audio

The next thing to find is to get a good external microphone for your action camera. The most common mistake among vlog owners is not prioritizing the quality of sound when making videos for their site. No one would like to watch a video with bad quality sound. Remember it is not always about the quality of the video itself; if something went wrong with the image quality, you could still use the sound to make an audio post.


This is also a crucial aspect to consider. In fact, most experts recommend beginners who want to make quality videos to invest heavily in this aspect for good quality videos. Try as much as possible to use natural light or try to ensure that the source of the light is to the side or behind the action camera. Get good lighting source if you want to make your videos during the night.


Although you do not need actual software to make a video, you will need one when it comes to making edits. Good software should allow you to add in a background track, capture your desktop screen or help you to crest visually rich and useful contents for your followers.

What kind of content do you want to create?

Are you planning to do some cooking from home or do you plan to make many action videos? Having a clear idea of the type of content you want to will help you to choose the right kind of camera to use. For instance, the action cameras will help you to make good quality action videos such as surfing, skydiving, car rallies, etc. However, if sharpness and good colors are essential for your Vlog, you need a high-quality DSLR. A good DSLR will allow you to make high-quality cooking or makeup tutorials easily.

Show your cards

Most action cameras that are ideal for Vlog uses a micro SD card for storing the data. The best SD card to use should have a max of 128 GBs as the larger ones cause reliability issues after some time. If you have many data, get multiple 128 GB or smaller SDs to keep your data safe.

Another point to remember is to ensure that you have all the accessories that are needed to improve his quality of your videos. Although carrying many accessories especially when taking long trips looks painful, ensure you have all you need for the best video footage.

NOTE: nowadays many action cameras can record video in 4k format. So you need to choose memory card that has  Hight Speed Class (U3) and it is SDXC not SDHC.

Set up right

If you are planning to take the video somewhere you will take several days, ensure you carry everything you need to ensure you do not run out of power. This includes a car charger as well as multiple batteries.

Setting up your action camera right helps you to get quality videos effortlessly. When mounting the action camera on a bike, use the wide settings to capture every moment. You should also remember to carry the setup equipment to ensure that the action camera is well set. You can use the stick mounts for better stability and remember to carry spare sticky mounts since once stuck they will remain there forever.

Get creative

Instead of using expensive accessories to get better shooting angles, you can make use of simple tools. For instance, you can fix your action camera on the end of a long PVC pipe, broom handle or cable ties it onto a glove. If you want to mount it on a bike, ensure you do it in areas with minimum vibrations. This includes places such as under the handlebars or seat post.

The below video was filmed by Sony FDR-X3000 Action Camera.

Don’t zoom for close-ups

Generally, an image will lose its quality when you zoom. When you zoom in, the image will also tend to be shakier especially if you shoot it using one hand. For this reason, try as much as possible to shoot while holding your action camera with your two hands for more stability.

Instead of zooming in, walk towards the image, you want to have a close-up. This will give your videos a cleaner and professional appearance. In addition, do not overshoot. Shooting everything, will not only make the editing work tiresome but will take up a lot of unnecessary storage space. In general, one hour of professional footage makes a minute in the final production. Overshooting may results to time and energy wastage.

Use a gimbal

Shaky handheld shots are some of the major culprits when it comes to bad videos for your Vlog. Although most action cameras come with various image stabilization technologies, most of these features will not do a proper job when it comes to correcting handshakes. Ensure you shoot from a flat surface or better still use a gimbal for better stability.

Today there are very many gimbals on the market that comes at an affordable price. One last thing to avoid overusing is the special effects. Although it is cool using special toned or solarize feature to enhance your footage, stay clear of these fun features when you are filming videos for your vlog.

You can check this to find the best gimbal for your camera:

We hope that our detailed information on tips and tricks to shoot a high quality video for your Vlog with action camera will be useful for helping you to enhance your videos.