Solutions for Pitted Scars

We try all kind of products for our skin every time, because we want to have a flawless and bright skin, without any spots. When you get acne and you hardly get rid of it, something even worse appears, another serious problem called pitted scars. In this case, we have to know what treatments we must follow and what is the best way to make pitted scars disappear. 

When do pitted scars appear?

Scars are usually visible for two reasons: the coloration or the contour is different from the surrounding skin. Scars have a irregular pigmentation and they generally present a difference in color and contour.

You usually have pitted scars when you had a very aggressive type of acne or when you provided a very aggressive treatment to your skin. If you treat your acne correctly, gently and under the supervision of a doctor, then the chances to have acne scars are diminished.

How to treat pitted scars naturally

When the pitted scar is shallow, it’s easier to treat it even with natural and cheaper products. But when the pitted scar is deep and unpleasant, then you should start using the laser treatments.

In the case of shallow scars, it is easier to treat, but it still requires time and patience to make it disappear. First, the most effective and well-known acne scar treatment is aloe vera. It is a plant that offers the skin its best materials for healing and it is also a very good moisturizer. Even is you don’t have acne scars, it is essential to use aloe vera on your skin, so either you buy organic aloe vera, or you have your own aloe vera plant, you just have to use it on your skin as often as possible.

Another natural product for pitted scars is coconut oil which is one of the best moisturizers and top natural way to treat scars. You just have to rub coconut oil on your clean and dry face and your scars will disappear fast and in a healthy way. Other effective products you could use on your face as masks are honey, lemon or cucumbers.

When your pitted scars are deeper

In this case, no natural masks could treat your pitted scar problems, so you will have to choose the cosmetic or medical method. Lasers can be used to heal scars, so when your face receives the laser treatment, the epidermal layer grows back and the acne scars will get diminished. The punch excision method is not so recommended, because basically it reduces the scars, but it replaces the acne scar with another smaller one.

Another method, similar to the laser one, is dermabrasion when the top layers of the skin are removed and the scars will not be so visible. When the new skin appears on your face, the acne scars will be almost invisible. In chemical peeling, glycolic acid and salicylic acid are used to get rid of the top layers of the skin and to diminish the appearance of acne scars.

When you already tried everything

When you desperately want to get rid of scars, you are willing to do anything to treat it. If you tried everything without results, then you should know that dermatologists also recommend the fractional laser resurfacing, which is a laser with dental block that can go down to 700 microns, so deep enough where the acne scar tissue is. So, if you research and choose a good resurfacing option, there will be the chance to improve your skin and decrease the aspect of your scars.

Nothing will work 100%

The pitted scar problem is very difficult to fix and nothing works 100%. Dermatologists say that the deep scars need to be surgically excised and the laser treatment is the best way to improve your skin. After the first laser treatment, you could get a 50% improvement and with the second treatment another improvement, but more moderate, which will lead to a better improvement in time.

So, when you treat your acne and you have to defeat another cosmetic problem, you try everything you can to improve your look.

When you have to fight against indented pitted scars, the task of removal is more challenging than the removal of the normal scars. Either you choose the natural masks, in order to moisturize and improve your skin, or you choose the laser or dermabrasion methods to improve the aspect of your skin in a faster way, you have to remember that you don’t have to give up on your mission for a perfect skin.

If you combine some of your time, with your patience and some hard work, you will improve your skin and the pitted scar problems will be defeated.