Top cheap electric scooter for sales

The idea of using electric scooter is getting popular day by day because of the varied cost and minimal maintenance. For a long time, this mode of transportation provides numerous benefits for users, regardless of their age. However, choosing the right cheap electric scooter for yourself is not that simple when you just go to the store and get one.

There are a number of criteria that should be taken in to consideration, for instance, brand name, ride time, weight capacity, battery charging, and price. Please have a look of the following factors that directly help you choose the most suitable cheap electric scooter for sales.

Criteria for choosing cheap electric scooter for sales

  • Scooter type: Firstly, ask yourself the purpose of buying an electric scooter. Do you buy it for supporting your work or as a gift for your children? Do you use it every day or just in the weekend? What is the terrain in your residence: plain, rough or rocky?
  • Ideal range and ride time: The speed of up-do-date scooter ranges from 10 mph to 15 mph within each alternate transport. If you are buying for your kids, choose the appropriate maximum speed in order to ensure their safety. Besides, the ride time also varies because of the quality of motor used. Generally, electric scooter provides a continuous ride time in range of 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Weight capacity: This is the most paramount factor as rider’s weight affects the performance of your scooter. Overweight rider can reduce the battery life and speed considerably.
  • Battery charging: Different qualities of battery provide different recharge times, mostly it requires less than 3 hours for full charge. Strictly follow the enclosed manual to protect your battery. 
  • Price: After considering all the above criteria, you should think about the price. There is nothing to concern when you can afford a costly scooter. However, it is a big financial calculation if you have a tight budget. Consider carefully your purpose and follow your beloved manufacturer to seek for discount promotion.

… and other useful tips

  • Teach your children to pay attention to any crack or wreck on the scooter after using for a long time.
  • Make sure rear brakes are not too hard or too loose. (check it and rotate the brake adjuster clockwise or anti-clockwise). Loose up or tighten up the motor and chain as well.
  • Give the battery a maximum recharge and remember not to overcharge it.
  • Follow the instructions and assemble methods in the manual.

#1. Razor E100 Electric Scooter

The E100 from Razor is one of the most reasonable electric scooters in the market. However, it can ensure the quality of a cutting edge technology and design. It possesses environmentally- friendly electric power combining with noise-free driven motor.Your kids can enjoy the playtime up to 40 minutes of continuous use and features simple, twist-grip acceleration control.

The speed can be affected by the terrain (in plain pavement or rocky road), the weather condition and the rider’s weight. Moreover, they can safely, quietly and effectively ride around the neighborhood, ride to the park, to the market or visit friend with the maximum speed reaches 10 mph. This model requires the initial charge time of 12 hours and according to the manual, it needs 12 – 18 hours to fully recharge next time.


  • This product is delivered in 2 pieces: the handlebars (or shaft assembly) and the main body. Therefore, you may need to perform some simple installation by following the manual.

#2. Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Razor E300 Electric Scooter (Blue)
List Price: $269.99
Price: $299.99
You Save: N/A

The model E300 is designed with high-performance motor, achieving the speeds up to 15mph. Then, you can enjoy the continuous ride time up to 40 minutes. However, this time may vary as the effect of riding condition, the climate or proper maintenance. After the battery is used up, it requires a relatively long charging time, up to 12 hours without interruption. The recommended maximum charging time is 24 hours.


  • Make absolutely sure you always keep the scooter turned off when not in use because leaving it on will easily kill the battery.
  • Do not store the scooter in the garage because low temperature can also kill the battery.
  • The batteries are not like the ones in your cell phone. Thus, you do not want to completely drain and then recharge the battery. This is another factor that affects the lifespan of your battery. The less you drain the battery each cycle, and the less time the scooter spends with a depleted charge, the better and longer the batteries will perform.
  • If the scooter seems sluggish, check the brake line tension. You can loosen it to dramatically increase in speed and stamina.

#3. Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter

The E200S is modelled for riders whose ages is 13 and above because of its more complicated functions. It provides a thrilling ride for both seating or standing thanks to its detachable seat that allows user to quickly switch between a stand-up and sit-down ride. It is equipped with soft rubber grips and retractable kickstand. Riders can travel at the speed up to 13 miles per hour. This scooter requires a recharge time of 12 hours in order to be ready for the next ride.

Remember not to overcharge it otherwise the battery life can be considerably affected. After being recharged, it allows rider to enjoy a continuous riding time up to 40 minutes. However, this run time may vary depending on riding and weather conditions or how properly rider maintains this scooter.

#4. Pulse Performance Products Reverb Electric Scooter

This two-piece in-mold CDT (Composite Deck Texture) surfaces for ultimate control, combining with moto-inspired twist throttle action and the 24-volt battery system for a ride time of up to 40 minutes. Moreover, 100-watt chain driven motor pushes this scooter up to 10 MPH. Chain drive system is proven to be durable and transfers power efficiently with a tough, low-maintenance sprocket system.

The hand brake is designed to avoid serious injury as having control over your scooter is key. That is the reason why manufacturer uses a tuned rear band brake with an electrical cut-out switch that shuts down power to the motor when the brake lever is engaged.

The composite deck traction (CDT) keeps your feet planted to the deck with durable in-mold texture designed for riding stability and control. The motor itself is super powerful, not to mention the voltage and wattage systems are coordinated for each distinct model to produce the best combination of performance specs and ease of use.

The whole scooter is structured with hi-tensile tubular steel frame which offers extended use and minimal wear after a long time of use. Finally, the large power-to-weight ratio and high surge current make this battery ideal for high speed cruising and the perfect choice for continuous riding.

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