Why Buy a Basement Dehumidifier

Basements are commonly used as an area for utility activities. Some use it as a laundry room, some use it for storage, and some use it for recreation. Whatever activity you are doing inside the basement, it is also part of the house and must always be cleaned. One of the factors that basements become messy is because of the humidity.

Humidity is the increase of water vapor in the air. It is good if water vapor in the air is of the little amount. It will provide a cooling sensation. But if that amount of water goes up, it could lead to very painful results. Your walls will become wet and water will start dripping from the ceiling. Molds will also start to appear.

If you notice those effects, then you need a dehumidifier.

Reduce Dampness

Dehumidifiers reduce the water vapor that is present in the air. This means that it will reduce that wet feeling you get when you enter your basement. Because of that, fewer allergens such as mites, molds, mildew and other bacteria will retreat. They need water to survive, and because dehumidifiers remove that water, they will not live.

Combat Odor

Excessive humidity could also lead to foul odor. Because the basement is typically under the house, it has not enough ventilation. Dehumidifiers do the job. They provide proper ventilation by circulating the air. Dehumidifiers are also equipped with HEPA and carbon filters, which clean the air. It is not only used as water vapor treatment, but also as an air cleaner. This will maintain your basement space clean, odor-free, and fresh.

Health Benefits

Excessive humidity could cause minimal health distortions to people. It will be harder to breathe to persons with asthma. And because allergens are prominent, people with allergies would want to stay away at a basement full of humidity.

By using dehumidifiers, you can cancel out all those worries. The air will be clean and it will be easier to breathe. You can feel the freshness of the room. Minimal amount of humidity is also good for the skin.

Protects Your Things

As water is composed of oxygen, more water in the air means more oxygen. For metal parts and equipment, this is not a good deal. They will be more susceptible to rust and corrosion. The life span of your tools will decrease significantly and you will not be able to use them effectively. Furthermore, household electronics will face grave danger. If you have electronics that must not be wet, then it is bad. Dehumidifiers protect those equipment and tools.

If you have wooden door and window frames, then dehumidifiers also handle the job of protecting them. Wood, when wet, becomes soft. It will also invite termites to infest your wood. Eventually, your basement will face its end. Furniture, clothes, and paper are also vulnerable to moisture. Dehumidifiers can protect a lot of things from the danger that they will face on a wet atmosphere.

Other Benefits

If your basement is a storage place and it stores food, then dehumidifiers are a perfect partner. Moisture will only waste your food, and keeping the moisture away is the job of dehumidifiers. You will see that your food now lasts longer.

Another improvement that you can have is having cooler air. It is one of the results of removing moisture in the air. You can save some air conditioning expenses if you will just use dehumidifiers.